Jupiter Thunderbolt


Jupiter thunderbolt.gif

Japanese: ジュピター・サンダーボルト
Romanji: Jupitaa Sandaaboruto
Type: Lightning-based attack
Items Used: Thunder and Lightning Antenna (manga)

Sailor Star Tambourine (Live Action)

User(s): Sailor Jupiter
First Appearance
Manga: Act 5 Makoto - Sailor Jupiter
Live Action: Act 26 - Usagi is the Real Princess!
Crystal: Act 5 Makoto - Sailor Jupiter

"Jupiter Thunderbolt" is a lighting-based attack that first appeared in the reprinted version of the manga and Crystal, and one of her attacks in the live-action series and the musicals.

To perform this attack, Sailor Jupiter needs to call upon the planet Jupiter to bring down an incredibly powerful thunderstorm, which is collected from the sky into the antenna of her tiara. They materialize in her hands and then she hurls a huge bolt of whitish electricity.


In the original version of the manga, Sailor Jupiter's first lightning attack did not have a name but appeared similar to Supreme Thunder. It was given this name in the reprinted version of the manga, possibly to bring it in line with the attacks in the live-action series. It was only used once, in Act 5, to destroy Nephrite.


In PGSM, Jupiter Thunderbolt was Sailor Jupiter's special attack using her Sailor Star Tambourine. To perform it, she would wave her Tambourine in a circle to charge it up, tap it against her palm, then point it at her target to send a bolt of powerful lightning their direction. It was only used twice in the series: first in Act 26, in conjunction with Moon Twilight Flash to destroy one of Nephrite's Youma, and again in Act 48 against Metalia Endymion.


The attack was only used once in Act 5 to attack Nephrite and his Youma. The latter was destroyed by the attack.


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