Jupiter Planet Power, Make Up

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Japanese: ジュピタープラネットパワーメイクアップ
Romanji: Jupitaa Puranetto Pawaa Meiku Appu
Transformation Phrase for: Makoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter
Items Used: None (manga) Star Power Stick (Crystal)
Upgrade: Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up
First Appearance
Crystal: Act 27 - Infinity 1, Premonition (Part 1)

"Jupiter Planet Power, Make Up" is the 3rd transformation phrase that Makoto Kino used to transform into Sailor Jupiter in the Infinity arc of the manga and Crystal.


No item was needed, instead, Makoto lifts her hand in the air, says the phrase and she instantly transforms. It is the third evolution of her regular Sailor form.


The planet Jupiter appears and Makoto puts her hand in the air. Her fingernails sparkle bright green, her Star Power Stick comes to her hand. Makoto's body turns into a green silhouette color against the dark green background and she holds the pen up. Blue-colored lightning swirls around her and her back is turned and she is already clothed in her Sailor Jupiter uniform. She turns around and the Jupiter symbol appears on her forehead. Her tiara forms and the Jupiter symbols behind her she assumes her finishing pose against the planet Jupiter.


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