Jupiter Oak Evolution


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Japanese: ジュピター・オーク・エボリューション
Romanji: Jupitaa Ouku Eboryuushon
Type: Plant/Lightning-based
Items Used: Leaves of Oak (manga)
Thunder and Lightning Antenna (anime)
User(s): Super Sailor Jupiter
First Appearance
Manga: Act 42 Dream 4 - Jupiter Dream
Anime: Confrontation in Dreams! Minako and Makoto's Broken Friendship

"Jupiter Oak Evolution" is a plant/lighting-based attack. It was also the only attack she used in her evolved, much stronger Super Sailor form.


This attack first appeared in Act 42 of the manga, where Sailor Jupiter used it to destroy Hawk's Eye. To perform this attack, Sailor Jupiter must use the Leaves of Oak, which appear to be a column of swirling leaves. Then, she projects her lightning energy to send green oak leaf-shaped blasts of electrical energy at her enemy.[1]


In the anime, the attack first appeared in episode 154, where it was used against JaraJara.[2] It continued to be used throughout the fourth and fifth seasons of the anime. Unlike the manga, a green symbol of Jupiter appeared in her hand before she projects the attack.


This attack first appeared in the musical Sailor Moon SuperS - Yume Senshi - Ai- Eien ni..., where it was used against one of the Lemures. In that musical and its revision, the attack was also performed with the Leaves of Oak.

Video Games

Jupiter Oak Evolution appeared in several video games, such as Sailor Moon SuperS: Fuwa Fuwa Panic, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Fuwa Fuwa Panic 2, and Sailor Moon SuperS: Zenin Sanka!! Shuyaku Soudatsusen.


  • While her previous attacks were electricity-based - highlighting her association with the Roman god of thunder, Jupiter - this attack is a reference to the fact that oak trees were sacred to that god. It was also a play on how the Japanese character for "wood" (木) is used in the written name of the planet Jupiter.
    • This association with wood is also highlighted by the wreath of leaves that appears in the background when she begins powering up the attack.
    • Elemental alignment plays a role in the abilities and weapons of the other Sailor Senshi as well, specifically the Wu Xing or five-element theory of Chinese tradition; Mercury- Water, Mars- Fire, Venus- Metal.
  • This attack is not only an offensive move but also a defensive move as shown in Episode 174, it was able to deflect Sailor Guts Youth Perspiration Attack.
  • This attack has inspiration from Makoto's figure skating skills as shown when she is twirling.
  • Though the attack retained its name in the CWi English dub, she would occasionally say "Sailor Jupiter" or "Jupiter Power" before invoking her attack.


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