Jupiter, the Powerful Girl in Love
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恋する怪力少女, ジュピターちゃん
Koisuru Kairiki Shoujo, Jupitaa-chan
Airing Information
Episode: EP 25, Season 1
Air Date (JP): September 5, 1992
Written by: Shigeru Yanagawa
Directed by: Kazuhisa Takenouchi
Featured Monster: Gamecen
North American Dub
Air Date (US): October 9, 1995
DiC Title: Jupiter Comes Thundering In
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“Jupiter, the Powerful Girl in Love” is the 25th episode of the 1st season of Sailor Moon anime and the 25th episode overall. It aired in Japan on September 5, 1992. The DiC English dub title for this episode is "Jupiter Comes Thundering In" and it aired in North America on October 9, 1995.


Queen Beryl partially awakens the evil entity Metalia and sends Zoisite and Kunzite to find the Seven Great Youma and their Rainbow Crystals. Meanwhile, the tomboyish Makoto Kino transfers into Usagi's school and falls for a crane-game whiz at the arcade.


Queen Beryl is using some power to revive and talk to Queen Metalia. Metalia tells Beryl that she needs the Silver Crystal to appear. But Queen Beryl says that she doesn't know where it was. Metalia tells her how to find the crystal.

Usagi is running to school. She is late again. Luna is following her carrying the lunch that Usagi had forgotten. When Usagi runs around a corner, she runs into these three thugs. The guys were up to Usagi. One of them says that his leg is broken. Usagi becomes very scared. Then, a large girl comes and beats up the thugs for picking on a helpless girl. The girl has a small rose earring, and Usagi thinks she is great.

Queen Beryl is with Zoisite and Kunzite. She tells them that there used to be a group of Seven Great Youma who was the strongest. But they got caught and are now trapped in the Silver Crystal fragments called the Rainbow Crystals. Queen Beryl said that the Rainbow Crystals are inside some humans now. She gives Zoisite Nephrite's Black Crystal which she modified so that it will only respond to the Rainbow Crystals. Zoisite sees an image of a boy with glasses.

During lunch, Usagi goes outside and spots the large girl sitting by herself. Then, Umino comes up to Usagi. Umino tells Usagi that the girl is Makoto Kino, a very strong girl who got thrown out of her previous school for fighting. He tells Usagi that she should stay away from her. But Usagi goes up behind Makoto and hides in the bushes. Makoto's lunch looks very good and Usagi is admiring her lunch. Then, Makoto spots Usagi. Makoto offers Usagi some of her lunch, so Usagi eats one onigiri (rice ball). Makoto says most of the students at this school are not approaching her. Usagi says Makoto's mother is good at cooking. Then, Makoto says that she made it herself.

After school, Usagi and Makoto go to Game Center Crown. Usagi says that Motoki isn't there. Makoto asks if Motoki is Usagi's brother. Then, Makoto goes to play the Sailor V game. Ami and Rei come. Luna has felt something about Makoto. Usagi introduces them as "the smart Ami and the mean Rei". Then, Usagi and Rei start arguing. Luna pretends to be a cute cat. Then, they notice that there is a crowd around a boy in glasses who is playing the crane game. The boy keeps getting all of the stuffed animals. He used some power to float the stuffed animal into the crane's arms. One of Usagi's friends said that it is "Crane Game Joe". It is said that he always got all of the stuffed animals at game centers. Makoto blushes and says that the boy looks like someone she knew.

Joe leaves carrying a bag of stuffed animals. Makoto follows him. When Joe is walking down the street, Zoisite appears. Zoisite takes out his Black Crystal, and the power causes the Rainbow Crystal in Joe's body to respond. Joe starts to yell out in pain. Then, Makoto appears. Makoto gets in front of Joe to protect him. Makoto attacks Zoisite but he dodges Makoto's strikes. Then, Makoto throws her Rose earring. When Zoisite dodges it, Makoto hits Zoisite. Zoisite gets mad that someone hits his pretty face. Then, Usagi appears and Zoisite vanishes. Makoto and Usagi go to Joe. Joe gets up and leaves, saying that he doesn't want any help. Makoto goes after Joe. Luna says that she feels something bad. She says that it could be the Dark Kingdom.

Makoto follows Joe down the street. Joe tells Makoto to stop following him. Makoto says that she will be his bodyguard. Then, she asks Joe how he got all of the stuffed animals. Joe just says that she can't copy his method. Joe goes into a coffee shop, alone. Makoto waits outside. Usagi comes and waits with Makoto. Makoto tells Usagi that Joe is like someone she knew before. Joe's body is still responding to the Black Crystal. He is in pain. Joe finally asks Makoto to come in. He says that he doesn't want her to stare at him from outside. Then, Joe says that he has superpowers for the Crane Game. Joe demonstrates by lifting the Ash Tray with some strange powers. Then, Makoto says that it is cheating. But Joe says that it doesn't matter.

Then, Zoisite appears. Zoisite blasts Makoto, and Joe starts to run away. Usagi goes in and says, "Are you going to leave the girl and run away!" Usagi says Joe isn't a boy. But Joe answers, "That big girl isn't my type." Then Joe runs off. Usagi goes to Makoto. Makoto sadly says, "He said the same thing to me.."

Zoisite catches up with Joe in the park. Zoisite gets the Rainbow Crystal from Joe's body. Then, Sailor Moon appears. Zoisite introduces himself to Sailor Moon and disappeared. He turns Joe into one of the Seven Great Youma, Gamecen, and makes him fight Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon becomes scared. Gamecen attacks Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon just tries to escape. Makoto picks up Gamecen and throws him. A mark appears on Makoto's forehead. It is the mark of Jupiter. Then, Gamecen grabs Sailor Moon with one of his extending arms. Luna tells Makoto that she is one of the Sailor Senshi. She tells Makoto to say, "Jupiter Power, Make Up!" Then, Makoto says those words and transforms into the Guardian of Thunder and Courage, Sailor Jupiter!

Gamecen attacks Sailor Jupiter, but she avoids him. Then, Sailor Jupiter uses her "Supreme Thunder" attack and blasts Gamecen. She is going to do it again, but Luna stops her. Luna says that Gamecen is still human inside. Luna gives Sailor Moon a new item. It is the Moon Stick. Luna tells Sailor Moon to say, "Moon Healing Escalation." Sailor Moon's Moon Stick causes Gamecen to disappear. Then Joe appears. Luna says that the fourth Sailor Senshi has appeared. Sailor Moon has to be the leader to protect the princess.

The next day, Makoto is playing the Sailor V game. Usagi is also there. Then Motoki comes and Usagi introduces him to Makoto. Makoto says that Motoki is just like someone she knew. When Usagi mentions Joe, Makoto says that Motoki's voice is similar.

International Dub Titles

  • Brazilian Portuguese: A Poderosa Sailor Júpiter Está Apaixonada ("The Powerful Sailor Jupiter is in Love")
  • European Portuguese: A Poderosa Júpiter Está Apaixonada ("The Mighty Jupiter is in Love")
  • French:
    • TV: Une force de la nature ("A Force of Nature")
    • DVD: Jupiter, le colosse amoureux. ("Jupiter, the Giant Lover")
  • German: Die vierte Sailor-Kriegerin ("The Fourth Sailor Warrior")

First Appearances






Changes from the Manga

  • Despite the episode was based on Act 5 of the manga, the wedding party was earlier used in Episode 16 of the anime series.
  • Makoto became Sailor Jupiter when battling Nephrite, who was still alive by the time she became a Sailor Senshi.
  • When Makoto attending Juban Public Middle School for the first time, she was halted by the disciplinary teacher, complaining about disobeying the school's dressing attire code.
  • The Rainbow Crystals and the Seven Great Youma are completely absent from the manga.
  • Makoto saved Usagi from being hit by a car. She then saved Usagi again from nearly hit by the baseball during the lunch break.
  • Sailor Jupiter kills Nephrite with Jupiter Thunderbolt right after she awakens.

Dub Changes

  • The DiC English dub has one of the girls explain that Joe donates plushies to poor children, but in the Japanese version and Viz Media English dub, he collects them for himself.
  • The onigiri that Makoto gives it to Usagi was mistaken as her homemade muffins as Usagi too also mistaken this as a chocolate chip cookie while eating an onigiri.



  • This episode marks a certain point in the story where the Dark Kingdom stops trying to collect human energy and focuses on finding the Rainbow Crystals instead and obtaining the Silver Crystal.
  • A Sailor Mercury plush toy appears in the claw machine, which Joe grabs and puts into his prize bag. Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Chibi, and Sailor Venus plushes were also seen in Joe's prize bag which he drops when Zoisite attacks him.
  • This was the last episode in which Serena was voiced by Tracey Moore in the English dub.
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