Juban Public Middle School
Japanese: 区立十番中学校
Romanji: Kuritsu Juu-ban Chuugakkou
Planet: Earth
Country: Japan
Type: School
Staff: Haruna Sakurada (all versions except sera myu)
Higure Akiyama (anime only)
First Appearance

"Juban Public Middle School" is the local middle school in Azabu-Juban and was seen throughout the first 3 seasons of the anime and the first 3 arcs of the manga.

Many of its students and some of its staff members are the victims of attacks, mostly throughout the anime series.


  • Miss Hauna (English teacher)
  • Mrs. Lambert (Sewing Teacher)


Former Students

  • Mikan Shiratori (anime only)
  • Ail (disguised as human)
  • An (disguised as human)
  • Ryo Urawa


  • In the DiC English dub, it was renamed Crossroads Middle School.
  • Ami always scored the top score on the semester exam of the school.
  • In real life, Azabu-Juban has no Middle School of it' own, and residents would most likely attend either Roppongi Middle or Azabu Middle and High School in Moto-Azabu.
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