Jewelry OSA-P
Jueri OSA* P




City, Ward, and/or District

Azabu-Juban, Minato Ward, Tokyo


Jewelry Shop


Mayumi Osaka (owner)

First Appearance

Act 1 Usagi - Sailor Moon (manga and Crystal)
The Crybaby: Usagi's Beautiful Transformation (anime)

"Jewelry OSA-P" is a jewelry shop that belongs to Mayumi Osaka, the mother of Naru Osaka and Naruru Osaka. Sailor Moon fights her first battle here. Naru and her mother also live above the store.

It was the first location the Dark Kingdom used to gather human energy by having a sale on the jewelry that would drain the energy from the owners.


The outside of the lower floor is white, with pink awnings that hang over the doors and windows. Above the first story is blue and green that shows the name of the store, "OSA-P" is written in pink letters. The interior of the store has white walls with pink and purple display cases and framed panting fixed into them. There are also red curtains on some walls, most likely used to hide some items from display. The countertops are made of glass and most have square or rounded edges. There are several in the center of the floor that is used for displaying the jewelry. There are white columns around the store, some against walls and others aren't. There are lamps attached to the sides of the columns and provide the store with light. In the first episode when Tuxedo Mask enters the building through a window it's shown to be of higher elevation than normal.



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