is a droid that Avery sends to help her and Prizma run the charm shop, which is a crystal point in Tokyo. She was summoned and first appeared as red wine in a glass that Avery was holding, but was actually a woman made entirely of red jel. She can trap her enemies with the jel, phase through solid objects, and mold her body into various shapes, such as changing her arms into blades. She appeared in Episode 19 of Sailor Moon R.

Jellax appeared through the ceiling of the charm shop to assist Prizma and Avery against Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. Avery wrapped her whip around Sailor Venus's throat and Droid Jellax constricted Sailor Jupiter in her sticky jel. Prizma then proceeded to shock Sailor Jupiter until Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury joined the fight. They helped free Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus, allowing them to attack with Jupiter Thunderclap and Venus Love Chain. Prizma and Avery found that they were evenly matched against Jupiter and Venus, so they called upon Jellax to finish off the Scouts and fled. Droid Jellax consticted all the Scouts in her jel but Serena transformed into Sailor Moon and arrived to fight. The droid molded her arm into a long blade and lunged towards Sailor Moon, attempting to kill her, but she herself fell victem to Moon Scepter Elimination and was killed.

Trivia: Jellax is among the Droids that appear in Sailor Moon: Another Story.

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