Japanese: ジェダイト
Romanji: Jedaito
Residency: D Point



Queen Beryl, the other Shitennou, Prince Endymion


Dark Kingdom

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Humanoid
First Appearance
Manga: Act 1 - Usagi, Sailor Moon
Anime: Crybaby Usagi's Magnficent Transformation
Live-Action: Act 1 - I am Sailor Moon!
Remake: Act 1 - Usagi, Sailor Moon
Anime Voiced By: Masaya Onosaka (Japanese)
Tony Daniels (DiC English dub)
Todd Haberkorn (Viz Media English dub)
Remake Voiced By: Daisuke Kishio (Japanese)
Todd Haberkorn (English)

"Foolish humans!"
Jadeite was the first of the four Shitennou from the Dark Kingdom. It is later revealed that he was a general of Prince Endymion.


Jadeite has very short, closely cropped hair, and is the only member of the Shitennou who can boast this trait. It is colored as a very pale blonde and is parted off to the right-hand side of his head. His eye color is grey. Outside of his disguises, he is typically seen wearing his Shitennou uniform. His accent color is red.


Jadeite is the first of the Dark Kingdom's Shitennou to appear in the manga. He appears in Volume 1, Act 1, but is not named until Act 2, when he calls himself the commander of the Far East.

His first plot is to have a youma pose as Naru Osaka's mother at the Jewelry OSA-P store selling jewelry which drains its wearers of their energy. When this first plot fails, he moves on to his second plot, where he sets up a cram school attended by Ami Mizuno called Crystal Seminar, where students are drained of their energy.

After this, too, fails, his final plot, in Act 3, is to trap the senshi on a bus. He kidnaps students riding the 6:00 bus (#666, a reference to the devil) from Sendai Hill, which is near the Hikawa Shrine. He manages to hypnotize Rei into boarding the bus, and takes the bus to another dimension. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury confront him, Sailor Moon uses her Moon Frisbee to prevent him from moving. He can still, however, use powers stemming from his vision, and attacked both senshi. Sailor Mercury prompted Luna to throw the transformation pen towards Rei, where she transformed immediately and became Sailor Mars and attacks him with her anti-evil scrolls, in which Jadeite was killed.

His skeleton was preserved in a glass coffin and Nephrite vows to bring him back to life, which Jadeite temporarily does when Princess Serenity is found. Unfortunately, he and the other Shitennou were immediately turned into precious stones afterwards.

In the later side story Casablanca Memories, Zoisite also tried and failed to avenge Jadeite's death.

Later, when the Silver Crystal appeared, it was revealed that during the Silver Millennium, Jadeite and the other Shitennou originally were not evil - they served under Prince Endymion as his guardians and advisors. They were, however, tempted by the power of the Dark Kingdom (like most other humans), and fell to it. They eventually become good again, and their spirits advise Mamoru when he needs their help.


n the anime, Jadeite was primarily focused in gathering human energy to awaken the ruler of the Dark Kingdom, Queen Metaria. When plotting for a method to steal human energy, Jadeite would observe the behavior of humans and then report back to the Dark Kingdom, appearing in front of Queen Beryl to explain his plans. Once approval was sought from Queen Beryl, he would dispatch his vassal (i.e., a youma) to take on a human disguise and with the aid of the youma start gathering energy from the humans. His method for gathering human energy would be to draw large crowds using his youma and trick them into buying goods charged with dark energy (e.g. jewellery, Chanelas, clocks, good luck charms) or use services that stole human energy (e.g. “relaxation pods”, tarot cards and computer applications).

From the beginning, Jadeite was fairly confident of himself, often taking a hands-on approach by physically being present in his plots. As a master of disguise, Jadeite would assume numerous human alter-egos and personae; masquerading as a radio host (J Dite), a gym instructor, an MC for a talent contest, a caretaker for the Hikawa Shrine, as well as a security guard at an amusement park. However, his pride got to him as he underestimated the strength of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars, who always foiled his plans and killed his youma. For every death of his youma, the stolen energy disappears as Jadeite is summoned to face Queen Beryl for his failures.

Very little reference was made about his past, the only suggestion of it being his collaboration

with an old acquaintance named Thetis. Thetis was one of Queen Beryl’s best youma. Initially reluctant, Jadeite accepts her “romantic cruise strategy”, after the thought appealed to him. Thetis, under the supervision of Jadeite, implements the scheme hoping to drain the love energy from couples on board the cruise ship. But this plan is foiled by Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars who were also on board the ship and destroyed Thetis just like any other youma.

Upon reporting back to Queen Beryl, Jadeite was castigated for the use of her best youma and punished him with an ultimatum: finally destroy the Sailor Senshi or be condemned to Eternal Sleep. Desperate, Jadeite challenges Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars to a duel at the main runway of Haneda Airport at one o’clock in the morning otherwise he would burn Tokyo to the ground. Luna consults with Rei, Ami and Usagi over the perceived threat.

Rei decides to accept Jadeite's duel while Ami refuses, believing that it may be a trap. Assuming it to be a hoax, the police play down the threat. However, the threat to burn the city to the ground cannot be ignored and as such teams of officers arrive at the airport. A reluctant Usagi decides that the trio should not fight but later changes her mind and accepts the duel, citing concerns over her classmates as they voice their interest in watching the upcoming fight. Jadeite dispensed of the police presence at the airport by using telekinesis to put them to sleep and replaced them with imitations made up of mud. Upon arriving at the airport in a specially chartered monorail carriage, Rei, Ami and Usagi are chased by the fake police assault teams to the main runway where the trio transform into Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars and dispose of the fake police with her Fire Soul attack. After witnessing the trio transform Jadeite learned of their true identities and begins his battle by again using telekinesis to control nearby 747 jumbo jets to chase after them.

Sailor Mars tries to use her Fire Soul attack but is prevented by Luna, given the huge damage that would result if either jet is destroyed. The nearby jets continue to chase after the trio, until Tuxedo Mask arrives and fights with Jadeite, who supposedly killed Tuxedo Mask (he was later shown to have survived). Jadeite made the jets chase after the trio again, but they devised a plan. Sailor Moon got one of the jets to

chase after her while Sailor Mercury used her Sabão Spray attack to obscure Jadeite’s vision. While the other jet chased her, Sailor Mars used an anti evil scroll attack on Jadeite, which caused the two jets to chase him instead.

Just as Sailor Moon tries to finish Jadeite off with her tiara, he dodges it and appears to be teleported back to Queen Beryl before either jet could flatten him. He tried to tell her that he had found out the true identities the Sailor Senshi but angered over his failed duel, she locks him into “Eternal Sleep”. Encased in a crystal and forever teleported away towards profound darkness, he is never seen again. Queen Beryl then promotes the next Shitennou Nephrite as his successor.

Live Action

Jadeite was the first Shitennou introduced, and his primary mission was to collect energy for Queen Beryl and Queen Metaria. He is quite firmly under the control of Beryl, and does not seem to have his own agenda like his three peers.

Whenever Beryl needed some "dirty work" done she gave the orders to Jadeite. His near unwavering loyalty was a great advantage to the Queen, and she used it a every opportunity. It was Jadeite that inserted the life-draining crystal into Prince Endymion, and Jadeite whom the Queen trusted to destroy Endymion when he absorbed Metaria.

Jadeite was also not against to working with the other Shitennou if he felt the outcome would benefit him. On his own, his inexperience sometimes was a problem, but with the help of one of the stronger Shitennou even his "failed" plans gathered large amounts of energy. In fact, some of his greatest success came from working with either Nephrite or Kunzite.

He was the youngest of the four Shitennou, and his loyalty to Queen Beryl was far stronger than any of the others. Even as strife divided their loyalties, he was only rarely torn: at the time that it seemed like his loyalty might sway, he was immediately called by his Queen. Even at the very end, as the Dark Kingdom fell around them and Queen Beryl released her hold on his mind, he stayed by her side. For the first time in any version of the series, he was one of the last to die. In the Special Act, he returned with the other Shitennou to help Mamoru fight against Mio's monsters, and later joined Mamoru and Usagi's wedding in the shadows with the other Shitennou. At that time, Jadeite's personality seemed to have undergone a change, as he acted much more cheerful and enthusiastic than before.


Jadeite is seen creating a youma from the ground in an unidentified location. Later in the episode, he is seen watching Sailor Moon from a crystal ball and says that she is "not bad at all".

Jadeite is scolded by Queen Beryl for not finding the Silver Crystal. As he walks away, he creates another youma to collect energy, brainwash Tokyo, and find the Silver Crystal. Later, when Sailor Moon defeats the youma, Jadeite watches from atop a building, angered that she has once again defeated his minion.

Jadeite is berated by Queen Beryl, as well as fellow Shitennou, Nephrite and Zoisite, for his failures. Taking it into his own hands to confront the Senshi himself, he drives the six o'clock bus from Rei Hino's shrine, and abducts passengers on the bus to transport them to the Dark Kingdom as a way of luring the Sailor Senshi into a trap. One of his victims was Rei Hino, who he felt attraction towards. Usagi, in the disguise of a stewardess, boards the bus as it teleports into the Dark Kingdom. She then transforms into Sailor Moon, allowing Sailor Mercury to reach the Dark Kingdom as well. The Sailor Senshi try to fight Jadeite, but he is able to get the better of them and attempts to freeze them. Rei confronts Jadeite, and is revealed to be Sailor Mars. She transforms and Sailor Moon binds him with her tiara. Sailor Mars then uses Akuryo Taisan against Jadeite, causing him to flee.

Jadeite appears briefly in the fourth episode, returning from his painful encounter with Sailor Mars before he is marked by his superior, Kunzite. He also appears alongside the other Shitennou after Princess D is freed from Nephrite's Soul Shadow to confront the Sailor Senshi.

When Tuxedo Mask was taken by the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite and the other Shitennou regain their memories, being Endymion's guards. Beryl reinforces her control over the group, and they fight the Sailor Senshi after the girls return from the moon. They are defeated by the Sailor Senshi and fell back to D Point.

When the Senshi make their way to D Point to help Sailor Moon, Jadeite and the other Shitennou confront them. However, this time, they regain their memory and break free of Metalia's control. But seconds later, Jadeite and the other generals are killed by Metalia. Distraught and heartbroken, their voices reminded the Sailor Senshi about their true mission and not to cry.

Although their physical bodies have perished, their strong spirits/souls still exist within their respective colored stones to give advice, guidance, and wisdom to their one true master. In the twelve episode, their stones had protected their master from being stabbed to death by the sacred, Sword of the Silver Crystal to return Prince Endymion to life once again. The spirit of Kunzite later appeared and gave Endymion vital information on how to eliminate Queen Metaria once and for all. The other three then appeared and assured Mamoru that they would always stay by his side and knew that he and his Princess would live happily ever.

In Episode 18, Mamoru had used his newfound mystical abilities to call upon his four subordinates. Kunzite had said that he detected very strong evil energy coming from the Black Crystal earring, and that he, Endymion, needed to believe strongly enough in his own abilities if he wanted to protect the person most dear to him.

Sera Myu

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  • Naoko Takeuchi in her Materials Collection Art Book described him as being the second youngest Shitennou with an age of 18 years.
  • His name is derived from the mineral Jadeite.
  • Jadeite was killed by Sailor Mars in the Manga.
  • He is the only member of the Shitennou who has the same accent color as his paired Sailor Senshi.
  • In the first official Sailor Moon popularity poll, Jadeite was ranked the twentieth most popular character out of thirty eight choices.
  • In a picture featuring the Sailor Senshi and the Shitennou, Jadeite is paired up with Sailor Mars. In Act 3, Jadeite even noted that Rei (before she became Sailor Mars) was beautiful, and had been attracted to her since the moment he first saw her.
  • In the video game Sailor Moon: Another Story, Rei was given Jadeite's Yin (陰; Negative) Stone and went to Tibet in search of his Yang (陽; Positive) Stone. There, she fell in love with someone who looked liked Jadeite, and was later revealed to be a creation of the people's prayers, based off Jadeite's image. Whether or not this meant she was attracted to Jadeite was not stated, but it could have been meant to imply a possible relationship between the them.
  • Out of all the Shitennou depicted in PGSM, he bears the closest resemblance to his original incarnation.
  • In the live action series, Jadeite created Youma with stones.


Dark Kingdom
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