Jadeite is the first of the Shitennou to be introduced.


The uniform differed quite a bit in this version of the series, yet remained the closest to the manga and anime design of the Shitennou. It was a grey snakeskin-patterned uniform with intricate red beading on the right arm, a half-cape, and a gold shoulder ornament resembling twisted metal. His hair was the same as his manga and anime incarnations, again the only of the four Shitennou to remain similar, and the actor wore blue contact lenses. He also wore black knee-high boots and white gloves.


In the Special Act, Jadeite's personality seemed to have undergone a change, as he acted much more cheerful and enthusiastic than before.



Present Storyline

In the present, Jadeite's primary mission was to collect energy for Queen Beryl and Queen Metalia. He's quite firmly under the control of Beryl and doesn't seem to have his own agenda like his three peers, Zoisite, Kunzite and Nephrite.

Whenever Beryl needed some "dirty work" done, she gave the orders to Jadeite. He was also not against working with the other Shitennou if he felt the outcome would benefit him. On his own, his inexperience sometimes was a problem, but with the help of one of the stronger Shitennou even his "failed" plans gathered large amounts of energy. In fact, some of his greatest successes came from working with either Nephrite or Kunzite.

He was the youngest of the four Shitennou, and his loyalty to Queen Beryl was far stronger than any of the others. Even as strife divided their loyalties, he was only rarely torn: at the time that it seemed like his loyalty might sway, he was immediately called by his Queen. Even at the very end, as the Dark Kingdom fell around them and Queen Beryl released her hold on his mind, he stayed by her side. Unlike the other versions of Sailor Moon, he was the last to die. In the Special Act, he returned with the other Shitennou to help Mamoru fight against Queen Mio's monsters. He along with the other Shitennou later joined Mamoru and Usagi's wedding in the shadows.



  • Out of all the Shitennou depicted in PGSM, he bears the closest resemblance to his original incarnation.
  • In this series, Jadeite created Youma with stones.

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