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Ittou Asanuma
Asanuma Ittou
Japanese: 浅沼一等
Romanji: Asanuma Ittou
Residency: Tokyo

Moto Azabu High School student


Mamoru Chiba



Age: Unknown (possibly university age)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
First Appearance
Anime: Cursed Evil Mirror! Mamoru, Trapped in a Nightmare
Anime Voiced By: Kazuya Nakai

Ittou Asanuma was a character who appeared briefly in the anime. He is a classmate of Mamoru.


Asanuma has blond hair and blue eyes. He is seen wearing a school uniform.


Asanuma appeared only briefly in episode 169 of the anime. Although he was not actually named during the course of the episode, his name did appear in the credits. He stopped by Mamoru's apartment one day because Mamoru missed an off-line meeting of their PC network members that they were supposed to attend together. After he rang the doorbell several times and called out to Mamoru to no avail, he left. Usagi saw him leave and referred to him as a "suspicious boy."

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