Invitation to Terror: Usagi's Night Flight
Japanese: 恐怖への招待!うさぎの夜間飛行
Romanji: Kyoufu e no shoutai! Usagi no yakan hikou
Romanji Translation: Invitation to Fear! Usagi's Night Flight


Writer: Kazuhiko Kobe
Director: Noriyo Sasaki
Japanese Air Date: October 12, 1996
MOTD: Sailor Stewardess
Previous Episode: The Shining Power of a Star: Chibi-Chibi's Transformation
Next Episode: Duty or Friendship: Conflict Between the Sailor Guardians

"Invitation to Terror: Usagi's Night Flight" is the 22nd episode of the final season of the original Sailor Moon anime, and the 188th overall. It was first aired in Japan on October 12, 1996.


Sailor Aluminum Siren is running out of time to bring the true Star Seed to Sailor Galaxia, so she makes a bold move and invites Usagi to a flight to fight over Usagi's star seed. Forced to intervene, Seiya, Yaten, and Taki transform become Sailor Starlights. Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako all then reveal their identities as Super Sailor Soldiers as well.



Changes from the Manga

  • Sailor Aluminum Siren was killed by Sailor Star Fighter and Sailor Star Maker.
  • She attacked Usagi and Seiya at the school's roof instead of an airplane.
  • Siren's attack, Galactica Tsunami, was an actual attack.
  • Makoto was afraid of airplanes, although this was mentioned just once: in the short story, The Melancholy of Makoto.

Dub Changes

First Appearances


  • This was the only episode that featured the Three Lights' song "Unfulfilled Thought: My Friend's Love" even though a high-pitched instrumental version played in earlier episodes. It played when Usagi and her friends revealed their Super and Eternal Senshi identities.
  • The movie displayed in flight was the movie being filmed in episode 183.
  • The Three Lights' identity as Sailor Starlights' were found out by Eternal Sailor Moon, as well as the ones of the Inner Super Sailor Senshi.


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