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In Search of the Silver Crystal: Chibi-Usa’s Secret
Logo ep64
銀水晶を求めて! ちびうさの秘密
Ginsuishou o Motomete! Chibi Usa no Himitsu
Airing Information
Episode: EP 64, Season 2
Air Date (JP): July 31, 1993
Written by: Sukehiro Tomita
Directed by: Takao Yoshizawa
Featured Monster: Furaiki
North American Dub
Air Date (US): November 10, 1995
DiC Title: Trouble Comes Thundering Down
Episode Guide
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Dispute Over Love: Minako and Makoto’s Conflict

"In Search of the Silver Crystal: Chibi-Usa's Secret" is the 19th episode of the 2nd season of the Sailor Moon anime and the 64th episode overall. It aired in Japan on July 31, 1993. The DiC English dub title for this episode is "Trouble Comes Thundering Down" and it aired in North America on November 10, 1995.


In an attempt to 'smoke' Chibiusa out, Petz's droid creates a thunderstorm in hopes it will cause her strong magical energy to the peak.


International Dub Titles

  • Brazilian Portuguese: O Segredo de Rini ("Rini's Secret
  • European Portuguese: O Segredo da Chibi-Usa ("Chibi-Usa's Secret")
  • French: Le secret de Camille ("Camilie's Secret")
  • German: Heimweh ("Homesickness")


Changes from the Manga

First Appearances

  • Sailor Pluto



  • This is Sailor Pluto's actual appearance, even though she had appeared as an insubstantial, holographic being in The Mysterious Guardian: Sailor Pluto Appears.
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