Ikuko Tsukino is Usagi Tsukino's mother in the present age. This is the first depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi.


She is completely unaware that her daughter is Sailor Moon and she proves to be a very impassioned, if not authoritarian parent, at certain times. In the first act of the manga, she kicks her daughter out of the house when Usagi brings home a 30%, in an attempt to make her study. Despite her occasional anger, Ikuko is a very nurturing, caring person who only wants Usagi to make it out of middle/high school, but she never realized that Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and lives out there fighting evil (as Usagi hides her secret from her mother, father, and brother).


Just like Usagi's father, she doesn't have the same kind of hair as Usagi or Shingo. Instead, she has long dark blue and curly hair which she wear in a half loose ponytail and short bangs similar to her daughters. She is always wearing the same outfit with the same apron.



  • In the manga, Usagi notes that "in all her 36 years, Ikuko-mama has never gotten a cavity". This confirms that Ikuko's age is 36 (towards the end of the manga). In the beginning she was probably 34-35 years old.[1]
    • This means Ikuko was probably about 20 or 21 when she gave birth to Usagi.
  • In the manga, Ikuko's hair has been shown colored with three different colors:
    • Blue: In the first anime and some artbook art.
    • Brown: Colored page of the rerelease manga.
    • Pink: Some artbook art.



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