Tomoe Hotaru is a weak and extremely introverted young girl who becomes the powerful Sailor Saturn, the Senshi of Ruin and Rebirth. In Japanese mythology, the firefly is a symbol of rebirth. When she was first introduced, she was possessed by Mistress 9. She is later adopted by Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, and Sailor Pluto. Her best friend is Chibi-Usa. Hotaru is the only Sailor Soldier to not receive a name change in the English anime.

Her name means 'Firefly Sprouting from the Earth'.

In the manga, Hotaru's mother died in a laboratory fire. Hotaru was only a small child at the time, and was severely injured. Her scientist father integrated technology into her body, and made her into a cyborg. The machine additions to her arms and legs were clearly visible, so Hotaru made a necessary habit of wearing long sleeves and tights with every outfit. During her recreation as a cyborg, her half-schizo father planted an alien egg into her that made her into Mistress 9's physical host.

In the anime, Hotaru and her father were severely hurt in a laboratory explosion, Holding the near-death Hotaru in his arms, Doctor Tomoe made a deal with a monster to save her life, allowing the monster to possess him and Mistress 9 to possess Hotaru. Because of this, Hotaru grew up very frail and weak and was prone to getting sick and losing energy quite often. Upon meeting Chibi-Usa, she drew the suspicion of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, whose suspicions turned to fear upon discovering that she carried the spirit of Sailor Saturn, the Senshi of Death. She attempted to destroy Pharaoh 90 with Death Reborn Revolution, but Sailor Moon stopped her with her Pure Heart and the power of the other Senshi, destroying Pharaoh 90 and allowing Hotaru to be reborn as a baby. Hotaru then grew and aged at a very fast rate until she was old enough to possess the spirit of Sailor Saturn again.

Sailor Saturn wields the Silence Glaive (called the Silence Scythe in the english dub), just like the other Outer Senshi who each carry a weapon. Her attacks are based on death and silence.

Attacks as Sailor Saturn

Death Reborn Revolution: Used in the manga to destroy Pharaoh 90. Also known as Death Ribbon Revolution.

Attacks as Super Sailor Saturn

Silence Glaive Surprise: Was only used once, to try and destroy Nehelenia, but was stopped before it could finish by Chibiusa.

Silent W
: Was first used to defend Chibiusa from Nehelenia. She uses it later on to defend the Sailor Senshi from Galaxia's lightning.


Sailor Saturn is the only one of the nine Sailor Soldiers whose transformation sequence is never shown in the anime. A transformation sequence was created and appeared in one of the Sailor Moon video games on the Sega Genesis (the game was only released in Japan).

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