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Hotaru Tomoe is the look-alike reincarnation of Sailor Saturn's spirit/soul as well as her civilian identity. This is the first live-action depiction of the original manga character.


After her original appearance as Miss Dream, Hotaru soon develops a playful personality in the musicals, very different from the other incarnations of her, similar to the treatment of Setsuna Meiou. She is nonetheless dedicated to her task as a Sailor Guardian of Death and Destruction; once she becomes one with her other self, as she becomes slightly colder, stoic and more serious.

Powers and Abilities

In the musicals, she was shown to perform different versions of the supremely powerful destructive and deadly attack, Death Reborn Revolution. After her awakening as her "other self" in Yume Senshi (Kateiban) she used her mighty powers of rebirth to revive the Sailor Senshi and in "Mistress Labyrinth" to obliterate the whole world and its people, leaving only Eternal Sailor Moon left alive.


  • Her human self and her Sailor Senshi self are entirely different, having a split personality.


Ruria Nakamura as Hotaru Tomoe
Hotaru sera 1
Hotaru with her android wounds.
Hotaru sera 2
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