Hisano Akamine was the third actress to play Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury in the Sera Myu musicals.

After graduating from the musicals, Hisano has appeared in several commercials, TV shows, and other various stage shows. She was retired for some time, but later resumed activity. She is now married, and has a son named Sanji, and a daughter named Kazuo, as well as another daughter.[1]



  • Hisano is still a fan of Sailor Moon to this day. There are also pictures of her daughter watching or enjoying Sailor Moon.
  • Her blood type is A.[2]
  • Her height (when last recorded) is 156cm or 5'1".
  • Her nickname is "Sano" (さの).


Hisano Ami
Hisano as Ami Mizuno
Hisano Mercury
Hisano as Sailor Mercury


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