Hawk's Eye is one of the members of the Amazon Trio, sent by the Amazoness Quartet to destroy the Sailor Guardians.


Hawk's Eye has wild, short pink hair, and wears pink clothes with a sash around his torso and skirt, along with stockings and high heel shoes. He also wears brown gloves and a brown collar around his neck and has a symbol on his forehead of a small dot and two diamond shapes pointing out of it.

He can take the form of a brown hawk.


Under his civilian guise, he displays as very feminine. He has great knowledge of herbs and was able to create a tea to drug Makoto.


Hawk's Eye is the third member of the Amazon Trio to be sent out, appearing in Act 42. He was originally a hawk until the Amazoness Quartet turned him into a human in order to work for them and the Dead Moon Circus. He witnessed Tiger's Eye's death and runs away. The next time he appears, he is dressed as a woman, in a grocery store. His intended target is Makoto Kino, also known as Sailor Jupiter. He attracts Makoto's attention by asking the store clerk where he might find some exotic spices and herbs. He later informs a concerned Makoto that he is actually the owner of his own herbal shop and he is just researching other stores in the area. He then takes her and her companion, Chibiusa, to his store.

While the two girls are browsing his store, he tells them that he is a member of the Dead Moon Circus and that it was his dream to own many herb stores. Makoto confesses to him that it is her dream to own cake and flower shops. He gives each of the girls a ring and tells them that the stone set in them is called an Amazon Stone which has the ability to make dreams come true. Makoto visits the shop again and tells Hawk's Eye that she is afraid of losing her dreams and that the path she is currently taking contradicts her dreams. Having lost her wits, due to Hawk's Eye drugging her drink, Hawk's Eye tells her to stop being a Sailor Guardian and pursue her dreams, at which point Lemures emerge from her ring and attack her. Hawk's Eye reverts to his hawk form and perches on VesVes's shoulder. Makoto manages to break free and transforms into Sailor Jupiter. She then uses Jupiter Oak Evolution to destroy Hawk's Eye.


In the manga, Hawk's Eye was shown with no specific attacks. He also made the Amazon Stone ring that contained Lemures to attack Makoto eventually.

In the Materials' Collection, it also showed that he had the ability to attack with fire, which was used in the anime



  • Hawk's Eye is a blue variant of a gemstone known as Tiger's Eye.

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