Hawk's Eye is one of the members of the Amazon Trio sent by Zirconia to capture Pegasus.


Hawk's Eye has bright, wild, pink hair that stands upwards and red eyes. On his forehead, he has a small metal circle with a smaller black circle on it, but in comparison to Tiger's Eye and Fish Eye, who also have it on their foreheads, Hawk's Eye has two metal diamonds sticking out (one directed upwards and one downwards). Also, Hawk's Eye has two red stripes under his left eye, and on both of his ears, he has two small and thin silver hoop earrings. And like the other two Amazon Trio members, his ears are pointed.

His normal clothing consists of a light purple bra-like toga top, a light purple skirt, purple tights, dark purple shoes, brown gloves, and a low brown choker.

In his disguise, Hawk's Eye's forehead decoration and red stripes are not present, and his ears become normal-shaped.


Hawk's Eye is one of the members of the Amazon Trio, who searches for Pegasus under the command of Zirconia. Hawk's Eye was originally a hawk who was granted a human-like appearance.

In comparison to Tiger's Eye, who went after the Dream Mirrors of younger females, Hawk's Eye preferred to go after the Dream Mirrors of older females. There is only one exception to this, and that is in episode 141, where both Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye targeted Minako Aino for her Dream Mirror.

Throughout the series, the two would often get into disagreements with each other, though their arguments are usually playful, and the two seem to consider each other friends.

Hawk's Eye's Lemures include Do Kanko, Buranko, Gittanko, Autobiko, and Elephanko, and like Tiger's Eye's Lemures, are all female, and end in the suffix -ko.


Hawk's Eye first appears in episode 128, introduced along with the other Amazon Trio members, but his first attempt at capturing Pegasus was in episode 130. There Hawk's Eye targeted Ikuko Tsukino, and he easily blocked Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack. He though failed due to Pegasus' appearance and Sailor Moon evolving into Super Sailor Moon and her new and much stronger moonlight-based attack, Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

When Fish Eye eventually discovered that Chibiusa was the holder of Pegasus and told Zirconia he knew who it was, Zirconia assumed this to be Usagi so he sent Hawk's Eye after her. He extracted her dream mirror but before he could look into it, Fish Eye tried to stop him. As Tiger's Eye held him back, he revealed to them that Usagi was Super Sailor Moon.

However, Zirconia ordered the Amazon Trio's demise and sent a Lemures named Mr. Magic Pierrot to eliminate them. As Mr. Magic Pierrot shot a spade at Fish Eye, Hawk's Eye jumped in front of her to save her from the attack and was mortally wounded. Before dying, he attacked Mr. Magic Pierrot with a fire attack (which he easily blocked) and gave Fish Eye the mystic orb that turned them into human beings.

After the orb was destroyed when Tiger's Eye and Fish Eye gave up their own strength and life energy, and Mr. Magic Pierrot was destroyed by Super Sailor Moon, Hawk's Eye, along with Tiger's Eye and Fish Eye had returned to their true forms: A brown hawk, a tiger, and a bluish-green fish. Pegasus immediately restored them to life, turning them into their true human forms, and giving them their own dream mirrors. He then took them into a crystal forest in his own dream world, Elysion.

Attacks and Skills

Hawk's Eye attacks his enemies by blowing streams of fire at his enemies using a small torch. He can also transport himself by jumping through a hoop of brown feathers. He was also shown capable of fending off Moon Spiral Heart Attack.



  • Out of all the members of the Amazon Trio, Hawk's Eye sends the least amount of Lemures, with a total of five. Fish Eye sent one more than him; one of which was when Tiger's Eye was targeting Makoto Kino.
  • Hawk’s Eye is one of the few villains to withstand Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

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