Ten'ou Haruka/Tenoh Haruka (Amara Ten'ou in the English dub) better known as Sailor Uranus is one of the Outer Soldiers. She is the Keeper of the Space Sword.

Haruka is formally introduced in the Sailor Moon S story arc, although she appears in silhouette alongside Sailor Neptune in the final Sailor Moon R episode, which acted as a "teaser" to Sailor Moon S.

Haruka is older than the Inner Senshi, already in high school when the Inner Soldiers are still in junior high. She originally attended the private Mugen School, along with Michuru and Hotaru. She is very tomboyish and has a love of speed; she runs track and races many kinds of vehicles. She can be deeply suspicious of others and can often appear cold in this regard, although she will strongly defend anyone who has earned her trust.

As a Sailor Soldier, Uranus' tactics (along with Neptune's) can be controversial and morally ambiguous, which puts her at odds with Sailor Moon and the other inner Senshi - particularly since they can frequently involve sacrificing lives. This includes willing to let the Death Buster's victims die if their Heart Crystals were the ones they were searching for, wanting to kill Hotaru because she had the Sovereign of Silence within her and betraying Saturn and Pluto in an attempt to join with Galaxia and then double-cross her.

Haruka's name means 'Far Sky King', although her attacks do not exactly reflect this.

Her relationship with Sailor Neptune

In the original manga, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus were lovers. In the Japanese anime, this was the same. However, in the dub, it was decided to change their relationship to that of cousins, as it was considered too controversial for a children's show. Some have hypothesized that in the Moon Kingdom, Sailor Uranus was a man ("Prince Uranus"), and was reincarnated as female (thus making Haruka and Michiru's relationship "really heterosexual"), but this has been refuted by Naoko Takeuchi. Some characterize Haruka as being the dominant personality in the relationship, although it could be argued that Michiru has Haruka wrapped around her finger.

Even though they are lovers, they have agreed that they will sacrifice each other if necessary for their mission.

Due to the controversial nature of their relationship, Haruka and Michiru were introduced in the dub as cousins, a fact reinforced by others that technically should not have known to begin with. But despite that, their flirty banter is mostly kept intact throughout the season.

In the final season of Sailor Stars (which has yet to be dubbed and most likely never will), their relationship has stepped up a level from banter to almost explicitly physical in nature and no amount of dubbing would be able to change that. Part of the reason why Sailor Moon S took so long to come out was because the dubbers had to work hard to conceal their relationship.

In the Manga

Haruka in the manga is a swift change from Haruka in the anime, as she is shown wearing both feminine and masculine clothing. When she wears masculine clothes, her appearance is sharper to help
make the distinction.

In the Anime

Haruka is introduced in the S season of the anime, although a silhouette of her and Sailor Neptune appeared in the previous season.

Due to her masculine dress style, Haruka is more often than not mistaken for a boy initially, as evidenced by Usagi and Minako, despite the former already having a boyfriend and future husband they are added in wikipedia:Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars.

Forms and Powers

Sailor Uranus

Uranus Planet Power! (Make Up!): Transformation phrase used during Sailor Moon S to transform into Sailor Uranus.

Like her fellow Outers, Sailor Uranus is a lot more mature and almost never seen without her partner Sailor Neptune. Uranus is also arguably the strongest of the Senshi, her physical hits generally doing a lot more damage than any of the others. Makoto is possibly Haruka's match in physical strength, as it seemed as though Haruka had won, she was injured by Makoto, who was injured herself.

In temperament, Uranus is generally more quick to act than to sit and think and along with the other Outers, is somewhat cold to the younger Senshi, mostly due to the Outers being the first line of defense in protecting the solar system.

In a strange animation quirk, her special attack, World Shaking, looks like a ground attack, despite the fact that Uranus is the Sky Senshi.

Uranus' special weapon is the Space Sword.

Uranus' first uniform upgrade came in the first episode of the last season, Sailor Stars.

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