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"Invited by a new age, I am Sailor Uranus, appearing magnificently."
— Sailor Uranus's stock introduction

Haruka Tenou(天王 はるか, Tenou Haruka) is the civilian identity of Sailor Uranus (セーラーウラヌス, Seeraa uranusu).

Nomenclature & Etymology


Haruka: Even though her name is written in hiragana and is not inherent, Haruka (遥か) means "distant".

Tenou: The kanji for Ten (天) means "sky" while the kanji for ou (王) means "king", based on the Japanese name of the planet Uranus (天王星 Tennousei "Sky King Star", the given title of Uranus, the Greek god of the sky).

Haruka's full name means "distant sky king."



She retains her manga and anime appearance

Sailor Guardian

Sailor Uranus' uniform was somewhat faithful to the first costume she wore in the anime and manga. Her glove fittings, sleeves, collar, choker, back bow, and the top layer of her skirt were navy blue, while her front bow was gold and the bottom layer of her skirt was yellow. Her sleeves were decorated with light purple beads. The ornament in the center of her front bow was a navy blue irregularly-edged circle, in the center of which was a golden circle decorated with blue gems in an "X" pattern. Her choker had a navy blue gem ringed by gold in the center. Her earrings were dangling golden stars. The trim on her costume and the stripes on her collar were all gold.


Image Songs

Although she did not have her image song in the musicals, she did share duets with Sailor Neptune in "Super Beauty! Uranus and Neptune", "Harsh! Saint Cry!!" and "Eye of the Storm," which acted as image songs for both of them.

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Sailor Uranus


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