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Haruka Tenou
天王 はるか
Tenō Haruka
Japanese: 天王 はるか
Romanji: Tenō Haruka
Aliases: Sailor Uranus
Residency: Tokyo, Japan

Student at Mugen Academy


Michiru (girlfriend)


Moon Kingdom, Crystal Tokyo

Birthdate: January 27th ()
Age: 16-17
Gender: Female (though prefers male attire and interests)
Species: Human
Blood Type: A
Likes: Speed
The air and wind
Fulfilling her destiny as a Sailor Guardian
First Appearance
Remake Voiced By: Junko Minagawa (Japanese)
Erica Mendez
"Protected by Uranus, the Outer Planet of the Wind. Guardian of Heavens. I am Sailor Uranus!"
— Sailor Uranus' Introduction

Haruka Tenou is the civilian identity of Sailor Uranus and one of the Outer Soldiers meant to protect the Solar System from outside threats.




Sailor Uranus has short, pale blonde hair and grayish-blue eyes. Her fuku consists of a navy blue choker, collar, tiara gem, wrist fittings of gloves, skirt, back bow and boots. Her earrings are a golden hoop on each ear. The front bow of her fuku is yellow. Her gloves are wrist-length. Her collar does not have any stripes. She wears loose navy blue boots.


Season Three: Death Busters

Haruka is a young woman who prefers male clothing and masculine sports; such as motorcycle racing. Like her companion and lover, Michiru, she attends Mugen Academy as a student. She debuted at the arcade when she offered to race with Usagi; beating her easily. Haruka then noticed Michiru in conversation with a handsome man, which sparked a little envy. She then left with Michiru.

When Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako tried to go into Mugen Academy, she had blocked they way, saying that they must leave as it was not safe. She would let them go this time, but warned that the next time they would meet, she would show no mercy. Some nights later, she was ambushed by Mimete at her apartment, and she transformed into her regular Sailor form, and was backed up by Sailor Pluto and Sailor Neptune.

After witnessing Sailor Moon transform into Super Sailor Moon, she revealed how her talisman had reacted only one other time; when the Silver Millennium was annihilated. It had activated to awaken Sailor Saturn. She said that the only way to prevent Sailor Saturn from awakening was to destroy her reincarnation, Hotaru. She left with Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto and watched Sailor Chibi Moon enter Hotaru's home. She was shocked to see an entirely different entity take over Hotaru's body, and snatch the Prism Heart Compact, where the Silver Crystal resided inside, from Chibiusa; killing her in the process.

She later left with Neptune and Pluto to confront Mistress 9. When she sensed that the other four Inner Guardians were in trouble, she immediately ran to help, using Space Sword Blaster to release them from the white goo that held them. She let her strength be drawn into Sailor Moon so that she could transform into Super Sailor Moon. Uranus split up with Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto and Super Sailor Moon to find Hotaru. In an elevator, she comforted Super Sailor Moon, who was uncertain as to how to face this enemy. She assured her that she feels just as frightened, as she had alone for quite a long time while on her home world as solitary Guardian of the Skies and Heavens. The elevator picked up speed, and she was separated but quickly reunited with the others when Super Sailor Moon dispelled the shadows with the abilities of Rainbow Moon Heartache. She was suddenly approached by Suoichi Tomoe, who was ready to present his hungry Diamon. She retaliated with her sword but was knocked back by Professor Tomoe, who had completely been taken over by his Diamon self-Germatoid. She extended her sword, but Super Sailor Moon told her to stop, as the being she wanted to kill was, until a few moments ago, Hotaru's father. She disregarded this, saying that he was no Hotaru's father, but a dangerous monster that must be obliterated as he could not return to human form. After Germatoid was wiped out by Super Sailor Moon, the building started to break up. Uranus was saved by Sailor Pluto creating a purplish-pink bubble to carry them to safety.

To prevent Mistress 9 and the incomplete Pharaoh 90 from escaping, she used her space sword to erect a strong dome-shaped shield with the help of Sailor Neptune's Aqua Mirror and Pluto's Garnet Rod. As she had to maintain the shield, she was unable to stop Mistress 9 from absorbing the spirits' of Sailors Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus. She smiled when they were saved by Hotaru. She was amazed to see Sailor Chibi Moon, alive and well, attack Mistress 9 head-on with Pink Sugar Heart Attack, and transforming into her own Super Sailor form. She later fell when the shield was broken by Mistress 9. She was helplessly as Pharaoh 90 and Mistress 9 merged together as one and grew in size and strength. Upon seeing her Space Sword glow yellow and resonate, she knew instantly its significance-Sailor Saturn herself awakening within an orb of purple light. Horrified, she asked if this was the end, if she was too late to stop it all. She watched as the newly awakened Guardian of Ruin started weakening Pharaoh 90 greatly with her vast destructive powers. Unable to accept it, Uranus broke down and admitted that all she ever wanted was to protect "her" as best she could. As Sailor Saturn was hovering over the earth; ready to swing her Silence Glaive downward and bring an end to everything, she called out to the Guardian of Silence to stop, but her plea went unheeded and she was forced to bear witness to the annihilation of the world and its people.

As the world began to fall more into ruin, Uranus was glad to see a white-yellow light emanate from the slowly disintegrating Pharaoh 90 and that Super Sailor Moon was within, safe and sound. Uranus transformed into her Super Sailor form; as did the other Sailor Guardians.

Sailor Moon became Neo-Queen Serenity and healed the Earth, and brought back a reborn Hotaru, which Sailor Uranus and the other Outer Senshi agreed to raise together. The Outers left with baby Hotaru, promising they would meet again someday.

Senshi Info

Like the original anime, Haruka possesses abilities that affect the very air and winds around her. By feeling an uneasy breeze, she can defect supernatural activity and can even understand the wind itself. She is quite agile, nimble and has experience in hand-to-hand combat.

Her powers are a lot stronger when she is Sailor Uranus.

As the Sailor Senshi of the Air and Skies, Uranus has power over the element of Air (Wind) and can detect supernatural activity in the shifting winds. She can also draw strength from the planet Uranus itself and unleash its mighty power onto her enemies with air/wind-related attacks.






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