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Gurikazu Amano

Amano Gurikazu

Japanese: 天野ぐりかず
Romanji: Amano Gurikazu
Residency: Shiba-Koen, Tokyo

Shiba Koen Junior High School student


Unnamed mother


Minako Aino



Gender: Male
Species: Human
First Appearance
Manga: The Birth of Sailor V!
Gurikazu Amano was a character who only appeared in the Codename: Sailor V manga.


Codename: Sailor V

While Amano has had to be rescued by Sailor V from minions of the Dark Agency, he has also seemed to avoid falling into traps by the Dark Agency. Sometimes minions of the Dark Agency would actively avoid targeting him because they would find him unattactive. It is usually after he accidently discovers the Dark Agent's plot where Sailor V has to rescue him. In one case, he even had a chance working directly with Sailor V when she got trapped in a video game and he took the video game controls, playing as Sailor V, directing her moves and defeating the youma in the video game.



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