Guardian Cosmos
Japanese: ガーディアン・コスモス
Romanji: Gādian Kosumosu
Residency: Galaxy Cauldron

Guardian of the Cosmos Crystal


Eternal Sailor Moon


Galaxy Cauldron

Gender: Female
Species: Spirit
First Appearance
Manga: Act 60 Stars 11

Guardian Cosmos is the guardian of the Cosmos Crystal who resides in the Galaxy Cauldron. She only appears once in the very last chapter of the manga.


Guardian Cosmos is a small woman spirit with very long hair who wears a long transparent dress decorated with beads. She wears a tiara accessory on her head and carries a staff.


Eternal Sailor Moon dives into the Galaxy Cauldron to rescue her loved ones, sacrificing and expecting to melt away like all others who have fallen into the Cauldron. Her body remains whole and she is immediately greeted by a small figure of a woman. The woman introduces herself as Guardian Cosmos, the guardian, and holy spirit of the Cosmos Seed. She wonders aloud if Usagi and the others wish to begin a new history of the stars, and leave the Cauldron in their star forms, but Usagi tells her that no matter how hard it will be, she wishes to return to the way she and her friends knew each other, so that they may continue to live on together as friends.

They were encased in a light and begin to float away. As they float away, Usagi calls out to Guardian Cosmos, saying, "Is Chaos...?" but is cut off, and disappears. After she disappears, Guardian Cosmos says, "The core of Chaos, the Chaos seed, and Guardian Chaos, were melted into the Cauldron. Now they have become too small to be found. They might be born again because this is the place where stars, and possibilities, are born..."



  • Guardian Cosmos is sometimes incorrectly identified as the Cauldron Guardian (which is a job rather than her proper title) or even Chaos itself.
  • This encounter bears some notable similarities with the Disney film The Black Cauldron. SPOILER: The witches who guard the eponymous object reveal to the heroes that the only way to stop the Cauldron from being used by the force of evil is for one of them to dive into it. However, once this act of self-sacrifice has been performed, the guardian witches reveal to the surviving heroes that they will be rewarded with a wish, which can be used to return their sacrificed friend to their normal, living form.  
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