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Dark Kingdom

Species: Youma
Master: Zoisite
Objective: To kidnap Naru and attack Nephrite
Death: Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action and Sailor Mars' Fire Soul
First Appearance
Anime: Naru’s Tears: Nephrite Dies for Love

Grape is a youma from the Dark Kingdom, and one of the Plant Sisters who works for Zoisite. She can extend her arms and shoot thorns, and detach them if they stab a target.


Grape has white skin with blonde hair in a bob, her ears are pointed and she has light blue eye shadow. She wears a lilac bodysuit underneath a purple one piece bikini, the bodysuit covers her mouth and nose. Her right arm, knee and parts of her chest and left arm are covered in dark brown roots like a tree. On her left shoulder is a bunch of green leaves and she has boots of the same colour.


In Episode 24, Naru's Cry! Nephrite Dies for Love, Zoisite sent the Plant Sisters to kidnap Naru Osaka and lure Nephrite into a trap to get the Black Crystal. Grape was nearly killed by Nephrite, who held a sword to her throat. But shortly after Naru and Nephrite escaped, the Plant Sisters returned and Grape stabbed Nephrite with her thorns, fatally wounding him, as the thorns would drain the life from him. Then, the Sailor Senshi appeared, and Grape was killed along with her companions Housenka and Suzuran when Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars combined Moon Tiara Action and Fire Soul.


  • Grape's name is never spoken in the episode. Like the other Plant Sisters, their names are found in other materials.
  • Even though fans remember the Plant Sisters as the ones who killed Nephrite, Grape is the true killer since she is the one who stabbed him with her thorns.


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