A glycina
Japanese: グリシナ
Romanji: Gurishina

Xenian Flower

Species: Flower Youma
First Appearance
Anime: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R: The Movie
Anime Voiced By: Wakana Yamazaki (Japanese)

Glycina is the monster with insect-like legs that appears at the beginning of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R: The Movie.



On their way to school, the Sailor Guardians find that the people in the streets of Tokyo have had their energy drained, and have become like zombies. The people begin to attack the Senshi, but the Sailor Guardians realize that strange plants are attached to the people and that the plants are controlling their zombie-like actions. Rei uses her ofuda to destroy the plants, and Usagi feels relieved to have defeated the zombies. Ami, however, points out that whatever energy source is using the flowers to control people is still in the vicinity. She uses her mini-computer to find the source of the energy and discovers a pink flower, Glycina.

Upon discovering the flower, it turns into a large monster with six green legs. Glycina spots Chibiusa, who is standing alone, and dashes toward her. Just before reaching the young girl, Usagi dives to grab ChibiUsa, crashing through a store window. Rei attempts using her ofuda, but both she and Ami are caught, and the monster begins draining their energy. Luna instructs Minako and Makoto to transform. They do so where Sailor Venus attacks with her Venus Love Me Chain and Sailor Jupiter attacks with her Sparkling Wide Pressure, freeing their friends, who then transform as well.

After a short fight, Glycina catches the four Sailor Guardians in her vine-like arms and begins to drain their energy. Sailor Moon uses her tiara to cut the vines and free the Sailor Guardians. Sailor Mars uses her Burning Mandala attack, and Sailor Mercury uses her Shine Aqua Illusion attack to freeze Glycina, giving Sailor Moon the opportunity to kill Glycina with Moon Princess Halation.


  • The Glycina appears as a common enemy in Sailor Moon: Another Story.
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