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"Girls Unite: The End of Jadeite" is the 13th episode of the first season of the Sailor Moon anime and the 13th episode overall. It aired in Japan on June 6, 1992. The DiC English dub title for this episode is "Fight to the Finish" and it aired in North America on September 22, 1995.


Usagi continues to be attracted to both Motoki and Tuxedo Mask. Threatened with Eternal Sleep if should he fail again, Jadeite confronts the Sailor Guardians at an airport.


Despite the energy that was gathered, Queen Beryl has had enough with Jadeite's repeated failures to destroy the Sailor Guardians. Queen Beryl tells Jadeite it’s his last chance to finish them, for failure will have him condemned to eternal sleep. Using an illusion to appear over the city of Tokyo, Jadeite challenges them to a duel at Haneda Airport, threatening total destruction of the city if they don't show. Rei wants to fight, while Ami thinks they should come up with a plan, suspecting it's a trap. Usagi doesn't want to fight him either.

The next day, there’s a news report about the projection in the sky the previous night. The police are taking the threat seriously and plan to be at the airport, although the media passes it off as a prank. The students at Usagi's school want to go to the airport, but Usagi tells them otherwise and turns them towards studying instead. Ms. Haruna hears this, and makes a big deal out of how sensible that was.

Usagi speaks to Motoki about what happened in class, and he assures her that girls who aren't afraid to speak their minds are what he considers special. Cheerful from the talk she kicks up her shoe, which lands on Mamoru's head. He tells her she can be more well behaved when Usagi responds that she won't change since she was told by a boy that her personality was charming. Mamoru says he must be a total loser, and like attracts like. This causes Usagi to sit down on the street and start crying.

Police are stationed at the airport, though Jadeite puts them all to sleep and lays in wait. Usagi, Ami, and Rei take a train to the airport where several evil cops attack them with batons. The girls manage to stall them, enough to start running away, although the mob follows them. Ami looks back, commenting that something isn't right before transforming into Sailor Mercury. Rei follows along, transforming into Sailor Mars as does Usagi into Sailor Moon.

Sailor Mercury uses her supercomputer to analyse the policemen, coming to the conclusion that they are made out of clay. Sailor Mars takes this as her chance to make a move, and uses Fire Soul to turn them to ashes. Jadeite appears from above, gloating that he has now seen the girls transform, and that he knows their identities. He uses his powers to start the engines of two jets, and guides them in the girls direction, who have no option but to try and run away.

Tuxedo Mask throws down a rose, causing the two jets to cease functioning and come to a stop. The two battle it out, and Jadeite grabs Tuxedo Mask by the throat, sending them both into the water, where only he reappears again. Jadeite announces that he's dead, commenting on how the Sailor Guardians need a man to do everything for them. The jets head towards the girls once more, who decide that Sailor Moon is to be the distraction for them. She diverts the jets away from the group, getting them to chase after her while Sailor Mercury uses Bubble Spray to obscure Jadeite's vision. As the second jet chases Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars uses Akuryo Taisan on Jadeite's back, sealing his powers away momentarily.

Sailor Moon uses Moon Tiara Action, and Jadeite barely dodges the tiara before the jet comes barrelling at him. A wounded Jadeite is teleported back to the Dark Kingdom where Queen Beryl tells Jadeite he has failed for the last time. Jadeite attempts to tell her the identities of the Sailor Guardians, but she puts him to eternal sleep dismissing it as an excuse. Queen Beryl then informs everyone present to let Jadeite's fate be a warning to all of them. She then appoints Nephrite as her new commander. Nephrite assures her that she can put her trust in him, stating that he is not a fool like Jadeite.

The Sailor Guardians are left to look into the ocean, assuming Tuxedo Mask is actually dead. Just then, he reappears having survived the battle and thanks them for being so concerned.

International Dub Titles

  • Brazilian Portuguese: Garotas, Vamos nos Unir Contra Jedite ("Girls, Let's Unite Against Jedite")
  • European Portuguese: O Fim de Jedite ("The End of Jedite")
  • European Spanish: El Fin de Daniel ("The End of Daniel (Jadeite)")
  • French
    • TV: Adieu Jedyte ("Farewell Jedyte")
    • DVD: Unissez vos forces, les filles ! La fin de Jadeite. ("Girls Join Forces! The End of Jadeite")
  • German: Drei Gegen Jedite ("Three Against Jedite")


Changes from the Manga

  • Jadeite met his end by Sailor Moon (when she and Luna bound him with her tiara) and Sailor Mars (when she incinerated him) in Act 3.

Dub Changes

  • When Jadeite appears over Tokyo, lightning bolts are digitally added to add "effect" to the dub.
  • Smokey effects are also added to the 'Jadeite Over Tokyo' scene before and after the shots of the city on fire.
  • During the scene with Ami, Usagi, Rei, and Luna talking about what they're going to do about Jadeite's message, originally Usagi makes a dumb comment that makes Rei and Ami do, a faceplant. In the dub, the scene of the anime fall is cut out and a scene of them just talking is extended to replace the cut. No time loss is actually made.
  • The shots of the the police in the airport are jumbled up and mixed around.

First Appearances

  • Nephrite



  • This episode included a small reference to the RoboCop movie, as Sailor Mercury's Mercury Goggle had the English words "Arrest Mode" in one of the lower corners.
  • When Sailor Mercury was analyzing the policemen made of clay, the words "DIRECTIVE - HANIWA" appeared on her Super Computer. Haniwa are ancient Japanese burial markers composed of clay, used in the style of a tombstone. Haniwa and The Directive are the names of 2 of the characters in the anime The Skull Man.
  • The phrase quoted by Jadeite, "The life of a flower is short and full of suffering," was also used by Sailor Moon in the Sailor Moon R: The Movie and in episode 121 of the anime.