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Female, Male (dub)


Sailor Moon's Moon Princess Halation


Miki Narahashi
Robert Tinkler (DiC Entertainment dub)

Gigaros was the sixth Cardian that Ail and An sent to gather energy for the Makaiju. She had vulture wings and attacked by stretching her fingernails to impale her victims. She also used her wings to create tornadoes.

Though the previous Cardian, Reci, managed to get a lot of energy for the Makaiju before her death, the Makaiju began to lose energy again, so Ail and An sent Gigaros to drain energy from little kids, trying something different. In a similar fashion to Kigaan, Gigaros kept attacking buses full of kids. On one of these buses was a little girl whom Minako Aino often protected from bullies, and who (unlike the bullies that pick on her) believes that Sailor Moon exists. Minako was on the bus at the time, and so was Usagi Tsukino, disguised as a kindergarten teacher by herself and her friend Minako Aino. They transformed into Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus to fight Gigaros, but she gained the advantage over them until the Moonlight Knight appeared. For the first time, Sailor Venus used a new technique: Crescent Beam Shower, and while Gigaros was trapped/damaged, Sailor Moon destroyed her with Moon Princess Halation.


  • Gigarosu (戯画ロス) is a pun on the Japanese spelling of the name Icarus (イカロス Ikarosu).
  • Gigaros is the second monster to resemble a vulture (and to have "the vulture" in her name in the English dub). The first is Bobo the Vulture, one of the Seven Great Youma from the Dark Kingdom.
  • Gigaros is only able to repeat her name in the original anime, but in the DiC English dub he is capable of speech.


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