Ghost Bride
Mannequin Bride

Dark Kingdom

Species: Youma
Master: Nephrite
Objective: To gather energy from humans
Death: Sailor Jupiter's Jupiter Thunderbolt
First Appearance
Crystal: Act 5 - Makoto, Sailor Jupiter (episode)

The Ghost Bride is a Youma created by Nephrite to gather energy. She hunted for male victims and used her hypnotic abilities to place them under her control, mostly with the intention of draining their energy, but she did hypnotize Motoki to capture Makoto. Tuxedo Mask brought Usagi and the other Senshi to the bridal shop where the Youma attacked them, with Nephrite assisting. She held Makoto hostage, but she was able to overpower the Youma and was at that moment, revealed to be Sailor Jupiter. Makoto transformed and used Flower Hurricane to paralyze the Bride and Nephrite, and the newly awakened Sailor Guardians used her electric attack to kill the Mannequin. The victims were found in the back of the bridal shop with their energy restored.


  • The youma is the first youma to appear in Crystal which did not appear in the manga. In the manga, Nephrite was disguised as the mannequin bride.

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