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Residency: Tau System (originally)
The mind and body of Souichi Tomoe

Mistress 9
Professor Tomoe (human host)
Kaorinite (servant)



Gender: Male
Species: Cosmic being
First Appearance
Anime: Invasion from Another Dimension: Mystery of Mugen Academy (dream)
The Coming Terror of Darkness: Struggle of the Eight Guardians

Germatoid is a Daimon who works for Mistress 9 and Pharaoh 90. For most of the season, he was possessing Professor Tomoe, overseeing major operations by the Death Busters.


When Professor Tomoe and his eight-year-old daughter Hotaru were caught in a lab explosion, Hotaru was nearly killed, and Germatoid said he'd make sure they both survived if he met his demands. He then possessed Tomoe and lead the Death Busters, until Mistress 9 awakened and sent Tomoe to stop Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, who were inside their base. Germatoid left Tomoe's body, appearing in the form of a giant plantlike beast. Sailor Uranus blew him to bits with World Shaking, but he entered several monsters of Tomoe's creation and fought Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. Eventually they were able to summon their talismans, Sailor Neptune using her Deep Aqua Mirror to paralyze them and reveal his weak spot, and Sailor Uranus finishing off Germatoid by stabbing him in the face with her Space Sword. With his death, all the other monsters crumbled, and Professor Tomoe finally was released from his evil influence.



  • In the DiC/CWi English dub, Germatoid was voiced by Jeff Lumby, who also voiced Professor Tomoe.
  • In the manga, Germatoid was not possessing Souichi Tomoe, but rather was another name for the man when his went mad and turned himself into the Daimon.
  • There is a common misconception that Germatoid is actually Pharaoh 90, the one true mastermind of the Death Busters from the Sailor Moon S series.

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