Garoben is a youma that was used by Jadeite in episode 8 in order to drain energy from humans.


She was a female humanoid creature with red skin, dark spiky hair, a light purple mark on her forehead, and spikes that stretched from her shoulders and back.


Jadeite is eager in turning computers against humans by using them to drain the energy humans expend into yearning after scholastic achievement. For this to happen, Jadeite summoned his female servant – a youma called Garoben to assume the human form of an instructor from the Crystal Seminar Cram School. At the cram school, Garoben established a computer course and advocated the students the use of a Crystal Disk. This disk was a 3.5” floppy disk containing “revolutionary” software which could turn anyone into a genius with prolonged usage. The software inside the disk actually contained brainwashing software that absorbed the energy of humans turning them into human zombies completely under the youma's control. Usagi and Luna discovered the true nature of the Crystal Disk after Usagi Tsukino’s new friend Ami Mizuno misplaced her copy of the disk in the arcade center Game Center Crown, thus causing them both to be suspicious of Ami. Eager to interrogate Ami, Usagi Tsukino, disguised herself as a school superintendent and went to the cram school to investigate. After discovering that the students were being brainwashed Usagi Tsukino confronted Ami and transformed into Sailor Moon, only to be shocked into witnessing Ami being taken hostage by Garoben and Garoben revealing her true Youma form to Sailor Moon. The attacks that Garoben employed against Sailor Moon were rather unique. Instead of attacking Sailor Moon immediately, she would quiz her adversary and attack them if they failed to provide her with the correct answer. Sailor Moon refused to answer a math question to Garoben and as such was attacked by test papers which turned into razor-sharp knives. Sailor Moon managed to dodge them but was cornered by the zombie-like students that Garoben used to defend herself. While Sailor Moon was busy fending off the students, Ami Mizuno was forced into having her energy drained by looking at the computer containing the Crystal Disk. After resisting, an infuriated Garoben changed the tissue of her left arm into an ax and tried to kill Ami with it. After managing to dodge the first swing of the ax, Ami transformed into Sailor Mercury and used her Bubble Spray attack against Garoben. The attack proved extremely effective that the effects of the Crystal Disk on the zombie-like students wore off and the cold mist created by Sailor Mercury gave Sailor Moon the opportunity to finally defeat the shivering youma with her Moon Tiara Action attack.



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