The "Garnet Rod" is the main planetary weapon owned and carried by Sailor Pluto, and it also held the Garnet Orb (Sailor Pluto's own mystical talisman). It functioned as a key (somewhat) for the Space-Time Door.

Sailor Pluto used the Garnet Rod for Dead Scream, Abracadabra Pon, Time Stop, and Dark Dome Close. She also had access to the Space-time rod in civilian form. This particular talisman and weapon seem to have a mind and will of its own; as it had automatically acted on its own accord and saved its rightful owner from having her Pure Heart Crystal snatched by evil flowers.



  • In the Mixx manga, it was called the Garnet Scepter. In the DiC English dub, it was called the Time Wand, and in the Cloverway dub it was called the Time Rod. In the Viz dub, it retains its name.
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