Garlic Attack
Gārikku Atakku
Garlic Attack (

Chibiusa Tsukino

First Appearance

Chibiusa's Picture Diary Chapter 1 - Beware of the Transfer Student

The Garlic Attack was used by Chibiusa Tsukino in the first Chibiusa's Picture Diary side story.


The night before, Chibiusa had eaten a Korean dish Makoto had made, and was left with a strong breath of garlic the next day, nauseating most who were around her.

After discovering that Lilica and her mother were really vampires, and Lilica had gotten ahold of Sorano and Kyuusuke, Chibiusa used her garlic breath to knock Lilica unconcious.

First Anime

Even though the Chibiusa Picture Diary was adapted into an anime special, Chibiusa never used the "garlic attack". Instead, everyone was shown to have garlic breath the next day after earing Korean barbecue, and the Inner Senshi performed the Sailor Special Garlic Attack.

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