Galactica Violin Tide
ギャラクティカ ・バイオロンタイド
M galacticasubmarineviolontide
Japanese: ギャラクティカ・提琴潮流
ギャラクティカ ・バイオロンタイド
Romanji: Gyarakutika Teikin Chouryuu
Gyarakutika Baioron Taido
Type: Water-based
Items Used: Marine Cathédrale
User(s): Evil Sailor Neptune
First Appearance
Manga: Act 58 Stars 9

"Galactica Violin Tide" is a water-based attack used by Sailor Neptune in the manga. It is an alternate "evil" version of her attack Submarine Violin Tide.

While under the influence of Sailor Galaxia and her Galactica Bracelets, Sailor Neptune used her violin and attacked Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Chibi.

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