Galactica Tsunami

Galactica Tsunami

Galactica tsunami

Japanese: ギャラクティカ・ツナミ
Romanji: Gyarakutika Tsunami
Type: Water-based
Items Used: Bottled drinks (anime)
User(s): Sailor Aluminum Siren
First Appearance
Manga: Act 51 Stars 2
Anime: An Invitation to Terror! Usagi's Night Flight

"Galactica Tsunami" is an attack used by Sailor Aluminum Siren in the manga, anime, and musicals.


In Act 51 Stars 2 of the manga, it is used once and directed at Usagi and the Sailor Starlights, but blocked by Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter.

It is unclear whether the unnamed attack Siren uses after the initial blast is part of Galactica Tsunami, but it uses a long thick substance to wrap around Sailor Mercury and Jupiter's bodies and strangle them.


In the anime, it was more of a gag than an attack. Sailor Aluminum Siren simply throws various drinks towards the Sailor Guardians.


This attack only appeared in Kakyuu-Ouhi Kourin.


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