Galactica Super String
Japanese: ギャラクティカ・スーパー・ストリング
Romanji: Gyarakutika Suupaa Sutoringu
Type: Cosmic Force Wave
User(s): Sailor Galaxia
First Appearance
Sera Myu: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ The Eternal Legend

"Galactica Super String" is a powerful cosmic force wave attack used by Sailor Galaxia in both the manga and musicals.

From what was seen, Galactica Super String seemed to create a wave of Cosmic energy around Galaxia. Which she could direct and fire at enemies with her body.


In the manga, Sailor Galaxia used this attack in an attempt to knock Eternal Sailor Moon off the cliff into the Galaxy Cauldron, but Sailor Chibi Chibi blocked the attack with the power of her scepter.


The attack was first used in "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ The Eternal Legend". 

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