Galactica Bracelet


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Japanese: ギャラクティカ・ブレスレット
Romanji: Gyarakutika Buresuretto
User(s): Members of Shadow Galactica
Used For: Removing Star Seeds
Attacks: Energy blasts
First Appearance

The "Galactica Bracelets" were bracelets worn by the members of Shadow Galactica. They have purple and green gems on them.


In the anime, by wearing the bracelets one was able to continue living without a Star Seed, they also increased the wearer's power. A side effect of wearing them was that they put the wearer under Sailor Galaxia's control. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were the only ones shown to overpower her control.

As shown in the anime if the bracelets were removed the Sailor Animamates would disappear, as they no longer had Star Seeds. When Galaxia was displeased with one of her minions, she only had to remove their bracelets to dispose of them.

The bracelets were also used to extract a person's Star Seed, which turns them into a Phage as a result. In order to do this, the wearer fired balls of golden light from the gems on the bracelet, and when the lights converged and struck the target, their Star Seed would appear atop a flower that had formed above their head. The light of a normal Star Seed will then fade and turn completely black before its host becomes a phage.


In the manga, not all of the members of Shadow Galactica were originally Sailor Guardians. Some were individuals who had taken the Sailor Crystal of their respective planet's Senshi and given them to Galaxia. In return, Galaxia gave them the bracelets which bestowed powers similar to that of a Senshi. These members are known as Sailor Animamates. Other members of Shadow Galactica also wear the bracelets, though their origins are different. The most marked use of the bracelets as an attack item is to fire blasts from the bracelets that would remove a Guardian's Sailor Crystal.

The bracelets also gave Galaxia complete control over the Senshi upon collecting their respective Sailor Crystal. The Senshi were later revived with the bracelets on. Sailor Galaxia then commanded them into attacking Sailor Moon.


  • For a person without a Star Seed the bracelets are needed to remain alive, however, when Galaxia transformed into her Chaos Galaxia form, the bracelets shattered but her body did not disappear.
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