Disguise - Furau.png

Japanese: フラウ
Romanji: Furau
Aliases: Fro (DiC English dub)

Dark Kingdom

Species: Youma
Master: Jadeite
Objective: Collect energy using flower brooches.
Death: Sailor Moon's Moon Tiara Action
First Appearance
Anime: The Mysterious Sleeping Sickness: Protect the Girls in Love
Anime Voiced By: Yoko Asagami (Japanese)
Maria Vacratsis (DiC English dub)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Viz Media English dub)

Furau is a youma working under Jadeite, who was dispatched after he found a new source of human energy which is “expended on an emotion called love”. The two antagonists begin a midnight airing of a write-in talk show on a Tokyo radio station (FM no. 10) called "Midnight Zero", where listeners were encouraged to send in their love letters. Under the human disguise of a radio station manager, Furau would steal the energy from humans by mailing flower brooches charged with dark energy to fortunate listeners who had their letters read by the Midnight Zero's host, J-Dite (Jadeite).


She was a humanoid with pale blue/purple skin, a blue toga, and unruly brown hair, with a dark star on her forehead.


As the popularity of the Midnight Zero grew with female listeners, more victims were affected by the brooches. The first victim Usagi noticed as being under the effect of the brooch was her teacher, Haruna Sakurada, who fell asleep whilst trying to teach her class. A subsequent victim was Naru Osaka followed by Usagi herself as she makes an unsuccessful attempt to wake her friend up. After being revived by Luna, Usagi is persuaded by her to investigate the radio station, only to be attacked by Furau, who has shed her disguise and shoots from her breath bursts of dark energy. As the fight spreads to the roof, Sailor Moon uses her Moon Tiara Action to attack Furau. Initially, Sailor Moon misses but the Moon Tiara Action destroys Furau when it circles back, slicing her into two.



  • This is one of the few times that Moon Tiara Action is shown destroying an enemy once it makes impact; as the Moon Tiara is usually shown heading for the Youma before it disintegrates. This time she is depicted being sliced in two and then disintegrated.

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