Thunderclap is a droid sent by Prizma to lure out Sailor Moon and Rini and then destroy them. She can make thunder and lightning by banging on her drum and also uses a blowdryer to blast out powerful gusts of air. She appeared in Episode 18 of Sailor Moon R.

After being told by Rubeus that Serena's greatest fear is thunder, Prizma summoned Thunderclap to create a thunderstorm. Once Rini used her power to make the gravity in a building disappear, Thunderclap was drawn to her energy and attacked her but Sailor Moon came to stop her. Thunderclap used her hairdryer to shoot out a burst of wind that blew Sailor Moon into a wall and then shocked her with bolts of lightning. Her drum was broken by Tuxedo Mask, which caused Thunderclap to get shocked herself. He then fired multiple roses at her which missed but distacted her long enough for Sailor Moon to destroy her with her scepter.

Thunderclap is the first droid whose task is not to take over a crystal point in Tokyo.


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