For the Sake of Love! Endless Battle in the Evil World
Jupiter attacked 2
Ai yue ni! Hateshinaki makai no tatakai

5, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Air date

April 27, 1996


Ryota Yamaguchi


Hiroki Shibata


The Destined Night! The Agony of the Sailor Senshi


The Power of Moon Love! The Nightmare Ends


"For the Sake of Love! Endless Battle in the Evil World" is the fifth episode of season five of the Sailor Moon anime and the 171st overall. It first aired in Japan on April 27, 1996.


Nehellenia 's illusions prove to be too much of a challenge for the Senshi: Sailor Mars, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Venus and Sailor Pluto they are all caught inside mirrors, remaining unconscious. With Sailor Jupiter's aid, Usagi is able to get ride of the curse upon her, but her friend is caught in the process. However, Sailor Chibi Moon and Super Sailor Saturn manage to reach the Queen's palace.


The purple fire circle that surrounds Sailor Neptune and Sailor Mars is getting narrower: It's so that it is burning Mars' fuku. She seems very nervous about the situation, unlike Neptune who seems quite calm, when all of a sudden, Super Sailor Neptune uses Deep Submerge on Nehellenia, almost hitting her, although it was enough to distract the Queen and make the fire disappear. Super Sailor Neptune says that they will not fall for her cheap tricks which makes Mars laugh ackwardly about the illusion (because she was actually fooled by it). Nehellenia then attacks with a different approach: She vanishes the forest and replaces it with a dark-red space, followed by her own disappearance. The two senshi are alert to a new Queen's attack but she surprise Neptune by grabbing her by her foot with her (Nehellenia) long hair. Sailor Mars quickly reacts and charges Mars Flame Sniper aiming to Nehellenia, but she's unable to fire off the fiery arrow because the Queen is using Neptune as a human shield. The hair is all over the senshi body, slowly choking her to death, so Neptune tries to encourage Mars to shoot her, even if it means her own death. She still isn't convinced about it, so she stops completely the attack, giving Nehellenia a free opportunity to release one dark beam which hits directly the fire senshi. As the Queen bursts into laughs and Neptune about to being killed, Sailor Mars decides to strike at her, charging her flame sniper technique and with fast and careful accuracy, the fire arrow pierces Nehellenia's body. Sailor Neptune is freed and the queen starts screaming: Her body slowly changes into a Mirror Paredri's one and it explodes in a lot of crystal shards. The dark forest appears again and the two senshi are exhausted by the fight: They barely can stand still and finally let themselves fall in a tiny small-lake. It's not deep so they cannot be drowned, but at that moment two mirrors take the lake place and trap Sailor Mars and Sailor Neptune inside them, who can't even react to this.

In another place, Sailor Venus and Sailor Pluto are being chased by lots of mirror-made enemies. They are running through the remains of some ancient temple and, although they are able to outrun the enemies, new ones keep on appearing on every temple's corner, and soon the two senshi find themselves completely surrounded by them, and nowhere to run. In that moment, the whole temple vanishes: Now they are at the top o a cliff and an old rope bridge materializes in front of their eyes. Underneath it, a deep dark abyss, so their only chance to escape is to cross the about-to-break bridge to, hopefully, get to the other side. Pluto realizes that the bridge won't support both body weights, so she asks Venus to cross it alone. She negates to do such thing, but Pluto insists: Only one can safely walk to the other side, so Venus, as the leader of the Inner Senshi and the Queen guardian, should do it. In the meantime, she will try to stall time fighting the mirror paredri. It convinces Venus, who agrees to follow without her; however ,midway through the bridge, she sees that Sailor Pluto, despite her best efforts, can't stand against the now impressive number of enemies: Dead Scream makes appear even more of them and she can barely defend herself with the Garnet Rod

Queen Nehellenia is watching Usagi on her mirrors: The blizzard has severely weakened her and she can't stand on her feet anymore. Nehellenia decides that it's time for a different nightmare, so she ceases the snow storm and replaces with sunny weather. Suddenly, Usagi isn't in blizzard anymore, but in a green meadow full of flowers. She seems disconcerted about this change, and even more when the flowers start speaking to her: They ask Usagi who she is looking for. She answers that her boyfriend Mamoru  has been cursed by a Nehellenia' spell. The flowers shiver when they hear the Queen's name, and tell Usagi that it should be better if she stays there with them, after all own-life is more important than any other thing. She strongly refuses to do it, and tells the flowers that she doesn't want to live without Mamoru, but something strange happens: when she is about to say "Mamoru" she forgets his name. The flowers ask her if she even remembers who she is looking, but Usagi can't: Everything related to her boyfriend seems to have been erased from her memory. She kneels down and her eyes begins to change: her pupils dissapear, meaning that the Queen's curse has succesfully reached Usagi's body.

As Sailor Pluto is being beaten by the enemies, Sailor Venus decides to help her. She uses Venus Love and Beauty Shock to destroy a few of them, but it's enough to free her partner. Holding her hand, Venus tells Pluto that as the leader, she won't leave anyone behind and they both run to cross the bridge. Unfortunately, one of its main ropes's dangerously worn down and it rips before the senshi get to other side. They and the mirror paredri are all falling to the abyss, when ,as a last resort, Venus uses Venus Love-Me Chain to grab onto the opposite cliff edge, avoiding what could've been their possible death. However their relief is interrupted by a unknown laugh: It's Nehellenia, who is now holding the chain's opposite end (in fact it's one of her minions). They can only look as she drops the chain and they fall to the dark abyss. Similar to their partners' previous situation, tall mirrors appear and trap them with little-no effort.

This time, the real Queen Nehellenia is before Usagi, although she doesn't perceive the Queen: all she does is playing with the flowers. Nehellenia finally speaks: She says that it was about time for the "White Moon Princess" to begin to suffer, to feel what she has felt all those days in the black moon and prepares to hit Usagi. Her hand is slowly coming closer and closer to Usagi's face, but someone stops her attack: It was Sailor Jupiter

She quickly grabs Nehellenia and throws her away and then tries to wake up Usagi. The queen tells her it's useless: Usagi herself doesn't want to be awaken. She explains that when people suffer nightmares, they are able to stop them at their will, meaning that if Usagi was suffering one, she could get rid of it easily. But she doesn't, because, in fact, she is having a beatiful dream and doesn't want to be awaken. Nehellenia says that the princess has gave up everything, her friends, her boyfriend, to live in that sweet dream. Jupiter, however, doesn't believe her and accuse her to lock Usagi in a nightmare and attacks the Queen. None of her attacks affects Nehellenia: She avoids every single of Jupiter's punches and is able to block Jupiter Oak Evolution summoning a mass of petals. As long as they were fighting there no one could ever defeat her. 

She reveals that that place is her own palace, situated in the deep darkness. There, she has complete control on the whole kingdom and the light of the moon will never reach such distant land. Jupiter is baffled after she discovers that it's acually Nehellenia's home, but the Queen attacks her with a dark beam saying that the next one is Usagi. Jupiter stands up as fast as she can and protects her friend of being hurt. Nehellenia laughs at Jupiter's actions, claiming that Usagi isn't worth saving, but Jupiter says that isn't true: Even though she is a crybaby, she always takes action on behalf of others, even if it means sacrificing herself. Nehellenia then remembers the sacrifice Sailor Moon did when she jumps off from a levitating platform to save Chibiusa. Sailor Jupiter, with a upset look on her face, concludes saying if she doesn't have any friends like her. Nehellenia gets mad after listen to her and restart her offensive moves with even more power. Sailor Jupiter eventually faints and her rose earring comes off in front of Usagi. A mirror again materialize, trapping her, leaving Usagi alone with the Queen.

Usagi is still under Nehellenia' spell, but she still notices her friend's earring. She keeps on looking at it, as if it had something familiar. Then, Tuxedo Mask's roser come to her mind, along all of her boyfriend memories. Her eyes return to normal and the meadow illusion breaks in pieces: Now, a long, winding stairway lead to Nehellenia's Castle.

The Queen couldn't believe Usagi's power was enough to break her curse, and tells her that there is one more challenge before saving Mamoru: Thorny vines begin to appear all along the stairs. Nehellenia says that she only has time until the next sunset, and returns to her palace.

In her palace, she watches on her mirror Usagi's desperate attempts to reach the castle. The thorns hurt her but she doesn't seem to give up. At that moment two figures appear in the hall. They are Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn. Wielding the Silence Glaive, Saturn aims her weapon at the Queen's neck and orders her to release both the Prince and Princess.


Changes From the Manga

  • None of these scenes were in the manga.

Dub Changes


  • In the previous episode Usagi is last seen wearing socks, however in this one she is barefoot.
  • This is the last episode a Mirror Paredri appears in.
  • Sailor Venus uses Venus Love-Me Chain for the last time in the series.
  • When Sailor Mars uses Mars Flame Sniper, its point has a cross-shape, but in the usual animation sequence it is flat. 


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