Template:InfoboxCharacterFish Eye, or Fisheye, is one of the members of the Amazon Trio sent by Zirconia to capture Pegasus.

In the anime

Fish Eye was originally a fish who was turned into a humanlike form by Zirconia using a magic orb.

Unlike Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye, Fish Eye never had any interest in targeting girls and always targeted boys instead, usually those he found attractive. Usually he would get them to fall in love with him and then reveal his true identity and extract their dream mirror and look into their dreams. Whenever the Sailor Senshi attempted to stop him, he would summon a Remless to fight them off. Like his targets, the Remless he summoned were always male, unlike the ones sent by Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye. He attempted to find Pegasus five times.

His servants include Tsunawataro, Sea Lion, Mawashitaro, Kurumiwario, Shuffle, and Tobihaneru.

Fish Eye hates cats, as evidenced by him freaking out and running away whenever he sees Diana and he planned to get rid of all cats when the Dark Moon Circus takes over the world.

At one point, Fish Eye entered a college festival during a time Tiger's Eye was targeting all the girls there at once, but didn't realize Makoto was a target until she gave him her picture. When he didn't find Pegasus, she left him to fight off the Sailor Senshi.

Fish Eye soon fell in love with Mamoru and began to question whether or not they were really intended by Zirconia to have true human forms as they do not have beautiful dreams as humans do, evidenced by when he attempts to extract Tiger's Eye's dream mirror and is unable to.

After Mamoru rejected Fish Eye, and he looked into his dreams and didn't find Pegasus but he did not kill him (as he planned to do with her other four victims). Usagi found him in the rain and invited him into her house, where he soon discovered that Usagi was Sailor Moon. He also discovered Chibiusa was the holder of Pegasus.

He told Zirconia that he knew whose dreams Pegasus was hiding inside, but did not tell her. However, Zirconia's pet eyeball Zircon was spying on Fish Eye and Usagi, and Zirconia believed Usagi to be the one, and sent Hawk's Eye
Fisheye dies

Fish Eye dies

after her.

Fish Eye tried to stop Hawk's Eye as he extracted Usagi's dream mirror, but Tiger's Eye held her back, and he said "Release Sailor Moon!", giving away her identity to them. However, a Remless named Mr. Magic Pierrot (sent by the Amazon Quartet, under the orders of Zirconia) appeared to eliminate the Amazon Trio. After Mr. Magic Pierrot destroyed Usagi's dream mirror with a spade attack, he aimed an attack at Fish Eye, but Hawk's Eye jumped in front of him and was killed from the attack.

Fish Eye and Tiger's Eye attacked him in revenge, but he stopped their attacks, turning his throwing knives into butterflies. Fisheye and Tiger's Eye then gave up the power that made them human, destroying the orb that transformed them (given to them by Hawk's Eye before his death), and rebuilding Usagi's dream mirror. Usagi transformed into Sailor Moon and destroyed Mr. Magic Pierrot, but Fish Eye and Tiger's Eye died from losing their power. Before his death, however, Fisheye revealed to Usagi that she was the 'girl' from before. Afterwards, they reverted to a fish, a hawk, and a tiger. Pegasus immediately restored their lives and their human forms, giving them their own dream mirrors. He then took them a crystal forest located in his world, Elysion.


Fish Eye attacks with throwing knives (though he does not seem to be good at aiming them, missing Sailor Moon with them several times). He can also use a sword or trap his enemies in a net. He also shoots a water beam that can knock people out.

In the manga


FishEye concept art

Fish Eye appears in Act 39 of the manga. He was originally a fish, living in a stream, until PallaPalla transforms him into a human. He and the other members of the Amazon Trio work for the Amazoness Quartet and the Dead Moon Circus. After consulting his mirror, Fish Eye chooses his victim: Ami Mizuno. PallaPalla sets up a shop which immediately attracts Ami's attention. Fish Eye is sold to the girl in his fish form, because the fish reminded her of a fish on a postcard sent by her father. At home, Ami gazes into a mirror, depressed because she misses her father (an artist who left home when she was young) and she feels that she is missing a complete family.

Fish Eye sees that she is vulnerable and transforms into his human form. He asks Ami about her feelings, and she replies that she wants to be loved. He suggests that she can find happiness by being with him. Ami becomes scared and rebukes him but he calls dozens of lemures to attack her, causing her to fall into a nightmare. She soon breaks free from the nightmare and transforms into Sailor Mercury, using her newly discovered Mercury Harp and Mercury Aqua Rhapsody to destroy the mirror and the lemures. Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon then appear, and, together with Sailor Mercury, they kill Fish Eye.


  • In the original Japanese version of the anime and the manga, Fish Eye is an effeminate gay male; however for the English adaptation he was changed to a female character because of censorship. This is the second time the English dub changed the gender of a character to hide the fact that he was gay since they made it on dic. a kids channel, such as the French Translation.
  • Fish Eye's hands are clawed and dragonlike.
  • He doesn't like carrots.
  • He was voiced by Deborah Drakeford in the English anime
  • Fish Eye in some Japanese versions of anime with English subtitles, is a girl.

Dead Moon Circus
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