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Fisshu Ai
Residency: The Dead Moon Circus tent

Dead Moon Circus

Gender: Male
Species: Fish granted humanoid form
First Appearance

Fish Eye is one of the members of the Amazon Trio, sent by the Amazoness Quartet to destroy the Sailor Senshi.


Fish Eye has blue eyes and long, wavy blue hair that goes down to his shoulder blades. It is fashioned into a loose ponytail with a red hair tie, and the hair below that point becomes turquoise. Like the other members of the Amazon Trio, he has a stone embedded in his forehead, pointed ears and a simple pair of earrings, as well as facial markings on his left cheek, colored indigo and purple. He wears a puffy, light blue jumpsuit cut open past his chestline wish a pink silhouette of a fish skeleton right underneath on his abdomen. He wears light blue stockings underneath his jumpsuit and neon pink high heels. His hands are webbed and scaly and his fingernails are grown long and painted pink.

In his animal form, he resembles a lionfish, and his body is light blue with green stripes. His first dorsal, first anal and caudal fins are white with green polka dots, and his pectoral fins are white with red stripes.


Fish Eye appears in Act 39 of the manga. He was originally a fish, living in a stream, until PallaPalla transforms him into a human. He and the other members of the Amazon Trio work for the Amazoness Quartet and the Dead Moon Circus. After consulting his mirror, Fish Eye chooses his victim: Ami Mizuno. PallaPalla sets up a shop which immediately attracts Ami's attention. Fish Eye is sold to the girl in his fish form, because the fish reminded her of a fish on a postcard sent by her father. At home, Ami gazes into a mirror, depressed because she misses her father (an artist who left home when she was young) and she feels that she is missing a complete family.

Fish Eye sees that she is vulnerable and transforms into his human form. He asks Ami about her feelings, and she replies that she wants to be loved. He suggests that she can find happiness by being with him. Ami becomes scared and rebukes him but he calls dozens of lemures to attack her, causing her to fall into a nightmare. She soon breaks free from the nightmare and transforms into Sailor Mercury, using her newly discovered Mercury Harp and Mercury Aqua Rhapsody to destroy the mirror and the lemures. Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon then appear, and, together with Sailor Mercury, they kill Fish Eye.


  • Fish Eye's hands are clawed and dragon-like.
  • The name "Fish Eye" could refer to several different gemstones, including ocean jasper, the mineral apophyllites and moonstones or to any gem that is poorly cut so that the center doesn't reflect light.


Dead Moon Circus
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