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Fish Eye
Japanese: フィッシュ・アイ
Romanji: Fisshu Ai
Aliases: Youko Uonome
Residency: Dead Moon Circus tent

Member of the Amazon Trio


Hawk's Eye
Tiger's Eye
Queen Beryl


Dead Moon
Shadow Galactica

Gender: Male[1]
Species: Fish (granted human-form)
First Appearance

Fish Eye was a member of the Amazon Trio. This is the first live-action depiction of the original manga character.


In the musicals, Fish Eye was portrayed by Tae Kimura, Midori Ichige and Yumi. He had a similar personality as in the anime, including his crush on Mamoru. He was a frequent target of insults and teasing by the other members of the Trio, and he referred to himself as "Lovely Angel Fish Eye."

When he first appeared in Sailor Moon SuperS - Yume Senshi - Ai - Eien ni... and its revision, Fish Eye worked for Zirconia and the Dead Moon Circus. In Shin Densetsu Kourin, he instead worked under Queen Beryl, as a member of Sailor Galaxia's Shadow Galactica. In all appearances, his obsession with having his own dreams led to a great deal of interest in Usagi, just as in the anime.


Fish Eye presents as an androgynous male. His face is considered more feminine while his body is that of a thin and flat male.

He has blue eyes and long, wavy blue hair that goes down to his shoulder blades. It is fashioned into a loose ponytail with a red-bobble hair tie. The bottom half of his blue hair turns to turquoise. One long piece of hair arcs over his face and reach to his collarbone.

Like the other members of the Amazon Trio, he has a stone embedded in his forehead, elf-like ears, and two colored marks on his left cheek. The marks on his cheek are two streaks; one is purple and the other is indigo.

He wears a simple pair of dangling earrings. The earrings are a medium-sized orange ball with green tassels.

Fish Eye wears a puffy, light blue jumpsuit, with a deep v-cut that goes past his chest. The entire suit is ribbed in small puffs. A pink fish skeleton is imprinted right underneath the v-cut. He also wears light-blue high-heeled boots. Th boots have neon-pink on the toes and the heel.

His hands shown to be webbed and scaly as well as having long fingernails painted pink.



  • His civilian surname from the musicals, Uonome (魚の目), means "fish's eye," and the associated given name, Youko (洋子), means "child of the ocean." Since "uonome" can also refer to corns, Hawk's Eye and Tiger's Eye would use the name to ridicule him in the musicals.


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Dead Moon Circus

Shadow Galactica
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