Fire Buster
Japanese: ファイヤー・バスター
Romanji: Faiyaa Basutaa
Type: Fire-based
User(s): Eudial
First Appearance
Sera Myu: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ Mugen Academy - Mistress Labyrinth ~

"Fire Buster" is a fire-based attack that was used in one of the Sailor Moon musicals and its revision.


The attack was first used in the musicals in "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ Infinity Academy - Mistress Labyrinth ~" as well as its revision. It was used to take down both Rei and Ami. The attack was also used in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Un Nouveau Voyage.


  • The Materials' Collection stated that Eudial had an attack named "Fire Buster" though it was never used.
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