Fiore is the secondary antagonist in Sailor Moon R: The Movie.

Nomenclature and Etymology

Fiore is the Italian word for "flower", and despite his name being spelled like the singular form, it is pronounced like the plural form, "fiori".



He is an alien from beyond the Solar System, but found his way to Earth when he was a child. He then became a childhood friend of Mamoru's, after Mamoru's parents had died. When Fiore left, Mamoru gave him a red rose, and Fiore promised to return with lots of beautiful flowers.

Fiore searches for a flower worthy of Mamoru, and Mamoru forgets Fiore until he returns, with the Xenian Flower. Much to Usagi's dismay after simply being pushed down by Fiore himself, there was slight confusion between both him and Mamoru, leaving Usagi to wonder why Mamoru had never told her about Fiore. Fiore's jealousy of Mamoru and Usagi's friendship soon gets the better of him as he eventually attempts to kill the Sailor Senshi, especially Sailor Moon. After he accidentally injures Tuxedo Mask, meaning to aim his extended nails at Sailor Moon and stab her, he takes Tuxedo Mask to outer space for him to heal.

In the end, Sailor Moon shows him the flower from Mamoru is one that Usagi gave him that day, and he produces a flower from his life energy, giving it to Mamoru to revive Usagi and fulfill his promise.


  • Fiore resembles Ail and An, from the Doom Tree Arc at the beginning of Sailor Moon R, as seen by the hair, clothes, and closeness to plants. However, despite being strongly implied, it is still unknown for sure if he is of the same alien race as them, as it is never directly stated
  • Fiore appears in the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story


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