Flase Tiara
Japanese: 偽物のティアラ
Romanji: Nisemono no Tiara
User(s): Princess Sailor Venus
Used For: Reinforcing the decoy princess illusion
Deceiving the Dark Kingdom
First Appearance
Live Action: Act 12 - Sailor V's True Identity was the Princess!

The "False Tiara" is an item worn by Princess Sailor Venus in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon when she masqueraded as the Moon Princess. The tiara first appeared in Act 12, when Sailor V showed herself as the Princess.

Although the Sailor Senshi and the Dark Kingdom assumed the Silver Crystal was set inside it, in Act 20, Sailor Venus revealed that she had several identical fake tiaras stored in a case after. After Nephrite seized it, she activated the tiara, causing it to explode, saying she had no plans to easily relinquish the true crystal.

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