Japanese: ファリオン
Romanji: Farion

Makai Tree

Species: Cardian
Master: Ail and An
Death: Sailor Jupiter's Supreme Thunder
First Appearance
Anime: For Whom is the White Rose? The Moonlight Knight Appears
Anime Voiced By: Tomoko Naka (Japanese)
David Fraser (DiC Dub)
Barbara Goodson (Viz Media English Dub)

Falion is the third Cardian that Ail and An sent to gather energy for the Makai Tree.


A pink humanoid-lion woman with a white mane and green eyes.


Appearing in the third episode of Sailor Moon R, Falion had the appearance of a white and pink lion and rarely speaks. Her source of power relied on a magical wheel. Aside from her claws and teeth, she was also able to breathe out powerful bursts of energy. She attacked Makoto's friend Shinozaki and nearly killed her in a bloody battle. Later, she attempted to gather more energy for the Hell Tree, but the Sailor Guardians raced to the scene. Falion's breath proved to be too much for the girls, but her wheel was shattered by a white rose thrown by the Moonlight Knight. This weakened her, though she was still able to recover and attempted to kill Sailor Moon, but Sailor Jupiter attacked and killed her first.



  • Falion is the only Cardian whose name is never mentioned in the English dub. It is simply known as "the lion".
  • Despite having a mane, Falion is confirmed to be female.
  • Falion was changed to a male in the DiC English dub.
  • Falion is only able to say her name in the anime. In the DiC English dub, it is capable of speech.
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