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Eudial is a member of the Witches 5. Like the other members, she serves Professor Tomoe. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character.



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She uses flamethrowers as her main weapon. Her Daimons are created by Professor Tomoe, which she takes with them to attack the Sailor Senshi whenever they attempt to stop her extracting a Pure Heart Crystal. She uses a gun to extract Pure Hearts from her victims, and drives around in a car. She is also often picked on by Mimete, one of the other Witches 5.

After the death of Kaolinite, Eudial took over in extracting Pure Hearts from people, bringing several Daimons with her to prevent the Sailor Senshi from interfering. After many failed attempts, she discovered that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were two of the ones with the Pure Heart Crystals, and tricked them into meeting her at the Marine Cathedral. She extracted Sailor Neptune's Pure Heart, but Usagi fought her off. After Sailor Uranus extracted her own Pure Heart using Eudial's gun, Eudial ran off with the Talismans. She was pursued by the other Sailor Senshi, and trapped them all in some sort of gunk, except for Sailor Moon, who fought Eudial, but her Moon Spiral Heart Attack was no match for Eudial's Fire Buster II. Sailor Pluto arrived and took the talismans from her, returning the Pure Hearts within them to Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, and revealing the orb on her staff to be the third
File:Eugeal dies.jpg
Talisman. Together, the three items made the Holy Grail appear. Sailor Moon and Eudial raced to get it. In the end, Sailor Moon was the one who got it, and transformed into Super Sailor Moon and defeated Eudial by reflecting her fire back at her and knocking her out the window.

She drove away in her car, but the brakes had been cut by Mimete (who also filled the car with snails), causing Eudial to crash over the side of a cliff and into the sea, killing her.


In anime, Eudial had two attacks. Both of them had the same names, and were done by the same gun. They were both strong, and powerful, as seen, that it could destroy, Sailor Moon's Moon Spiral Heart Attack.


  • The classical piece that Eudial plays on the organ is the Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor.


Close-up of Eudial
Eugeal in a formal dress
Eudial wearing a formal Mandarin dress
Eugeal playing the organ
Eudial playing the organ
Eudial using Heart Snatcher
Eudial using Heart Snatcher
Tumblr mb0su0i9T31rem8pqo1 500
As you can see, this Heart Snatcher appears to be a gun.
Stupid Freakin Phone

Death Busters
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