Eternal Moon Article
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Japanese: エターナル・ムーン・アーティクル
Romanji: Etaanaru Muun Aatikuru
User(s): Usagi Tsukino
Used For: Transforming into Eternal Sailor Moon
First Appearance
Anime: Saturn Awakens: The Ten Sailor Guardians Unite

The "Eternal Moon Article" is the brooch that Usagi Tsukino used in the 90s anime to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon. When the four Inner Sailor Guardians and the four Outer Sailor Guardians combined their powers and directed them towards the Crisis Moon Compact, it upgraded into the Eternal Moon Article.


The compact was a yellow heart with a small crescent moon accent at the bottom Set around the central heart and moon jewel details are nine colored stones, representing each Sailor Guardians' colors. Three gold dots accent each wing, and a gold sphere accents the top. When seen on her everyday dress, the compact appears as a plain gold heart and moon shape. When transformed, the compact looks the same, but framed by white wings, matching the larger set of wings on her outfit.


  • The pink gem on the brooch represents Sailor Moon (or possibly Sailor Chibi Moon). The gems on the left represent the Inner Sailor Guardians, while the ones on the right represent the Outer Sailor Guardians.
  • The Eternal Moon Article was never shown in the manga because Usagi used the Holy Moon Cálice and the phrase Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make Up to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon.
  • This is the only transformation brooch Usagi used that was used solely in the anime.
  • In the reprint of the manga, Usagi performs "Moon Eternal, Make Up" with the Holy Moon Chalice. In the original, this event doesn't occur.
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