'Green Esmeraude '''is an alien from the Black Moon Clan. As her name implies, she has green hair (just like how Rubeus and Sapphire have red and blue hair respectively). She is vain, selfish, greedy, jealous, and has a horrible laugh. She is also easily distracted by cakes. In the English versions she was called '''Emerald.

She attacks by throwing dark energy balls, or by shooting bolts of dark energy.

In the anime

Esmeraude first appeared in the episode before Rubeus's death, to tell Rubeus (with great enthusiasm) that Demand was going to kick him out for his failure. In the following episode, she deliberately left him to die on his ship when it exploded. When Esmeraude took over, she placed several dark wedges in different areas on Earth (given to her by Saphir) and sent several droid monsters to destroy Sailor Moon and capture Chibiusa.

Esmeraude was in love with Prince Demand, but he was in love with Sailor Moon instead, and Emerald was jealous of her. At one point, Esmeraude attacked Demand (while staying hidden) with bolts of dark energy to give Sailor Moon a chance to escape from him, so as to avoid him being distracted by Sailor Moon.

Eventually Esmeraude went to Wiseman, who gave her a crown, saying there was no major difference between her and Sailor Moon. Despite her suspicions of a catch, she took it and was transformed into Queen Esmeraude. However, its catch was far greater than she could have imagined, and she was transformed into a hideous dragon. According to Mamoru, the dragon is the form of her jealousy. The Sailor Scouts fought the dragon, which was eventually destroyed by Sailor Moon using Moon Princess Elimination, causing Esmeraude to reappear and then fall into a dark void to her death.

After her death, Wiseman, of all people, said that her laugh gave him a headache.


File:Emerald dies.jpg

  • Esmeraude looks similar to Telulu of the Witches 5. The way she dies (as well as the way she betrays Rubeus) is also similar to the way Mimet dies in Sailor Moon S, as both fall into nothingness at the end.
  • Esmeraude transformed is the only dragon who ever appears in Sailor Moon.
  • Sapphire may have been in love with Emerald, and rightly suspected Wiseman of bringing about her death.
  • Esmeraude evil laughter is somewhat similar to Fire Emblem villain Valtome's evil laugh (Uwee hee hee!).
  • She seems to have a fondness for cake.

Voiced by Mami Koyama (Kirsten Bishop in the English anime, who also did the voice of Zoycite ).

Esmeraude voice sounds just like Kaorinite, really... Just listen to her evil laugh.

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