Sailor Moon (美少女戦士セーラームーン or “Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn”) literally translates to "Beautiful Young Girl Soldier Sailor Moon" is the title of the famous series originally authored by Naoko Takeuchi. This page is about the episodes titles of Japan and in English speaking countries.

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Sailor Moon


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Note that for better table arrangement "Episode Number (Japanese)" and "Episode Number (English)" have been reduced to "J#" and "E#"
J# E# Japanese Title Romaji transcription English Title
1 1


Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation

A Moon Star Is Born

2 -- おしおきよ!占いハウスは妖魔の館 Punish Them! The House of Fortune is the Youma Mansion N/A
3 2 謎のねむり病、守れ乙女の恋する心 Mysterious Sleeping Illness! Protect the Girls' Hearts in Love Talk Radio
4 3 うさぎが教えます!スリムになる法 Usagi Will Teach You! How to Lose Weight Slim City
5 -- 妖魔の香り!シャネラーは愛を盗む A Youma's Scent! Chanelas Steal Love N/A
6 -- 守れ恋の曲!うさぎはキューピッド Protect the Melody of Love! Usagi is a Cupid N/A
7 4 うさぎ反省! スターの道はきびしい Usagi Learns a Lesson! The Road to Stardom is Tough So You Want To Be A Superstar
8 5 天才少女は妖魔なの?恐怖の洗脳塾 Is the Genius Girl a Monster? Brainwashing School of Terror Computer School Blues
9 6 うさぎの災難! あわて時計にご用心 Usagi's Misfortune! Watch Out for the Rushing Clocks Time Bomb
10 7 呪われたバス!炎の戦士マーズ登場 Cursed Buses! Fire Senshi Mars Appears An Uncharmed Life
11 8 うさぎとレイ対決?夢ランドの悪夢 Usagi vs Rei? A Nightmare in Dreamland Nightmare In Dreamland
12 9 私だって彼が欲しい! 豪華船のワナ I Want a Boyfriend Too! A Trap on a Luxury Cruise Ship Cruise Blues
13 10 女の子は団結よ!ジェダイトの最期 Girl Power! The End of Jadeite Fight To The Finish
14 11 新たなる強敵、ネフライト魔の紋章 A Powerful New Enemy! Nephrite's Evil Crest Match Point for Sailor Moon
15 12 うさぎアセる!レイちゃん初デート Usagi is Frantic! Rei's First Date An Unnatural Phenomena
16 13 純白ドレスの夢!うさぎ花嫁になる Dream of a Pure White Dress! Usagi Becomes a Bride Wedding Day Blues
17 14 モデルはうさぎ?妖魔カメラの熱写 Usagi is a Model? The Youma Camera's Photo Mania Shutter Bugged
18 15 進悟の純情!哀しみのフランス人形 Shingo's Devotion! The French Doll of Grief Dangerous Dollies
19 16 うさぎ感激!タキシード仮面の恋文 Usagi is Thrilled! Tuxedo Mask's Love Letter Who Is That Masked Man?
20 -- 夏よ海よ青春よ!おまけに幽霊もよ! It's Summer! The Sea! Our Youth! Also, A Ghost N/A
21 17 子供達の夢守れ!アニメに結ぶ友情 Protect the Dreams of Children! The Friendship Bound in Anime An Animated Mess
22 18 月下のロマンス!うさぎの初キッス Romance Under the Moon! Usagi's First Kiss Worth A Princess's Ransom
23 19 流れ星に願いを!なるちゃんの純愛 Wish Upon a Shooting Star! Naru's Pure Love Molly's Folly
24 20 なるちゃん号泣!ネフライト愛の死 Naru's Cry! Nephrite Dies for Love A Friend In Wolf's Clothing
25 21 恋する怪力少女、ジュピターちゃん Jupiter, the Brawny Girl in Love Jupiter Comes Thundering In
26 22 なるちゃんに笑顔を!うさぎの友情 Bring a Smile to Naru's Face! Usagi's Friendship The Power of Friendship
27 23 亜美ちゃんへの恋!?未来予知の少年 Love for Ami? A Boy Who Can Predict the Future Mercury's Mental Match
28 24 恋のイラスト、うさぎと衛が接近? Illustrations of Love! Are Usagi and Mamoru Getting Closer? An Artful Attack
29 25 大混戦!グチャグチャ恋の四角関係 Total Chaos! The Messy Square Relationship Too Many Girlfriends
30 26 お爺ちゃん乱心、レイちゃんの危機 Grandpa Goes Crazy! Rei's in Jeopardy Grandpa's Follies
31 27 恋されて追われて!ルナの最悪の日 Loved and Chased! Luna's Worst Day Ever Kitty Chaos
32 28 海野の決心!なるちゃんは僕が守る Umino's Resolve! I'll Protect Naru Tuxedo Melvin
33 29 最後のセーラー戦士、ヴィーナス登場 The Last Sailor Senshi! Sailor Venus Appears Sailor V Makes the Scene
34 30 光輝く銀水晶!月のプリンセス登場 The Sparkling Silver Crystal! The Moon Princess Appears A Crystal Clear Destiny
35 31 よみがえる記憶!うさぎと衛の過去 Memories Return! Usagi and Mamoru's Past A Reluctant Princess
36 32 うさぎ混乱!タキシード仮面は悪? Usagi is Confused! Is Tuxedo Mask Evil? Bad Hair Day
37 33 めざせプリンセス?うさぎの珍特訓 Aim to be a Princess? Usagi's Weird Training Little Miss Manners
38 34 雪よ山よ友情よ!やっぱり妖魔もよ The Snow! The Mountains! Our Friendship! And of Course, a Youma Too Ski Bunny Blues
39 35 妖魔とペア!?氷上の女王まこちゃん Paired With a Youma!? Ice Queen Mako Ice Princess
40 36 湖の伝説妖怪!うさぎ家族のきずな The Legendary Lake Monster! Usagi's Family Ties Last Resort
41 37 もう恋から逃げない!亜美と衛対決 I Won't Run Away From Love Anymore! Ami and Mamoru's Showdown Tuxedo Unmasked
42 -- Sヴィーナスの過去、美奈子の悲劇 Sailor Venus' Past! Minako's Tragic Love N/A
43 38 うさぎが孤立?S戦士達の大ゲンカ Is Usagi Going it Alone? The Sailor Senshi Get Into a Big Fight Fractious Friends
44 39 うさぎの覚醒!超過去のメッセージ Usagi's Awakening! A Message From the Distant Past The Past Returns
45 40 セーラー戦士死す!悲壮なる最終戦 The Sailor Senshi Die! The Tragic Final Day Of Destiny
46 40 うさぎの想いは永遠に!新しき転生 Usagi's Everlasting Wish! A New Reincarnation

Sailor Moon R


Sailor Moon R logo

Note that for better table arrangement "Episode Number (Japanese)" and "Episode Number (English)" have been reduced to "J#" and "E#"
J# E# Japanese Title Romanji transcription English Title
47 41 ムーン復活!謎のエイリアン出現 Moon Revived! The Mysterious Aliens Appear The Return Of Sailor Moon
48 42 愛と正義ゆえ!セーラー戦士再び For Love and Justice! A Sailor Senshi Once Again So You Want To Be In Pictures
49 43 白いバラは誰に?月影の騎士登場 For Whom is the White Rose? The Moonlight Knight Appears A Knight To Remember
50 44 うさぎの危機!ティアラ作動せず Usagi's Crisis! The Tiara Doesn't Work VR Madness
51 45 新しき変身!うさぎパワーアップ」 A New Transformation! Usagi Powers Up Cherry Blossom Time
52 46 狙われた園児!ヴィーナス大活躍 Targeted Kindergarten Kids! Venus' Great Performance Kindergarten Chaos
53 47 衛とうさぎのベビーシッター騒動」 Mamoru and Usagi's Babysitting Mayhem Much Ado About Baby Sitting
54 48 文化祭は私のため?!レイ女王熱唱 The Culture Fest is for Me?! Queen Rei Sings With Passion Raye's Day in the Spotlight
55 49 月影は星十郎?もえるまこちゃん Is Seijuurou the Moonlight Knight? Mako-chan Falls in Love

Food Fetish

56 50 月影は星十郎?もえるまこちゃん」 Steal Mamoru's Kiss! An's Snow White Strategy Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
57 51 放課後にご用心!狙われたうさぎ Be Careful After School! Usagi is Targeted Detention Doldrums
58 52 すれちがう愛の心!怒りの魔界樹 The Lovers' Hearts Disagree! The Angry Makaiju Secret Garden
59 53 めざめる真実の愛!魔界樹の秘密 True Love Awakens! The Makaiju's Secret Treed
60 54 天使?悪魔?空からきた謎の少女 An Angel? A Devil? Mysterious Girl From the Sky Serena Times Two
61 55 うさぎ大ショック!衛の絶交宣言 Huge Shock for Usagi! Mamoru Declares a Breakup The Cosmetics Caper
62 56 戦士の友情!さよなら亜美ちゃん The Friendship of the Sailor Senshi! Goodbye Ami Sailor Mercury Moving On?
63 57 女は強く美しく!レイの新必殺技 Women Should Be Strong and Beautiful! Rei's New Killer Move Gramps In A Pickle
64 58 銀水晶を求めて!ちびうさの秘密 In Search of the Silver Crystal! Chibiusa's Secret Trouble Comes Thundering In
65 59 恋の論争!美奈子とまことが対立 Dispute Over Love! Minako and Makoto Face Off A Charmed Life
66 60 うさぎの親心?カレーな三角関係 Usagi's Parental Love? A Curry Triangle Relationship A Curried Favor
67 -- 海よ島よバカンスよ!戦士の休息 The Ocean! The Island! A Vacation! A Break for the Sailor Senshi N/A
68 61 ちびうさを守れ:10戦士の大激戦 Protect Chibiusa! Clash of the Ten Warriors Naughty 'N' Nice
69 62 目覚めよ眠れる美少女!衛の苦悩 Awaken, Sleeping Beauty! Mamoru's Distress Prediction Of Doom
70 63 愛の炎の対決!マーズVSコーアン A Battle of the Flames of Love! Mars vs Koan Enemies No More
71 64 友情のため!亜美とベルチェ激突 For Friendship! Ami and Berthier Clash Checkmate
72 65 非情のルベウス!悲しみの四姉妹 Cold Hearted Rubeus! The Four Sisters of Sorrow Sibling Rivalry
73 66 UFO出現!さらわれたセーラー戦士たち A UFO Appears! The Sailor Senshi are Abducted Rubeus Evens The Score
74 67 ルベウスを倒せ!宇宙空間の決戦 Defeat Rubeus! The Battle in Space Rubeus Strikes Out
75 68 謎の新戦士セーラープルート登場 A Mysterious New Warrior, Sailor Pluto Appears The Secret Of The Luna Sphere
76 69 暗黒の魔力!エスメロードの侵略 Magical Power of Darkness! Esmeraude's Invasion Emerald Takes Over
77 70 想いは同じ!うさぎと衛の愛再び Our Feelings are the Same! Usagi and Mamoru in Love Once Again Promises Fulfilled
78 71 ヴィーナス美奈子のナース大騒動 Venus Minako's Nurse Mayhem No Thanks, Nurse Venus
79 72 アルテミスの冒険!魔の動物王国 Artemis' Adventure! The Evil Animal Kingdom Dog Day For Artemis
80 73 恐怖の幻影!ひとりぼっちの亜美 Terrifying Illusion! Ami All Alone Lonely Amy
81 74 暗黒ゲート完成?狙われた小学校 Dark Gate Completed? A Grade School in Danger Child's Play
82 75 未来への旅立ち!時空回廊の戦い Journey to the Future! Battle in the Space-Time Corridor Future Shocked
83 76 衝撃の未来!デマンドの黒き野望 The Shocking Future! Demande's Dark Ambition Legend Of The Negamoon
84 77 ワイズマンの魔手!ちびうさ消滅 Wiseman's Evil Hand! Chibiusa Disappears Jealousy's Just Rewards
85 78 暗黒の女王ブラックレディの誕生 The Birth of Black Lady, The Queen of Darkness Birth Of The Wicked Lady
86 79 サフィール絶命!ワイズマンの罠 Saphir Dies! Wiseman's Trap Brotherly Love
87 80 愛と未来を信じて!うさぎの決心 Believe in Love and the Future! Usagi's Determination Diamond In The Rough
88 81 光と闇の最終決戦!未来へ誓う愛 The Final Battle Between Light and Darkness! Love Sworn to the Future Final Battle
89 82 うさぎ達の決意新しき戦いの序曲 Usagi and the Girls' Resolve! Prelude to a New Battle Follow The Leader

Sailor Moon S


Sailor Moon S logo

Note that for better table arrangement "Episode Number (Japanese)" and "Episode Number (English)" have been reduced to "J#" and "E#"




Japanese Title

Romaji transcription

English Title




Premonition of World's End? Mysterious New Warriors

Star Struck, Bad Luck




The Birth of the Rod of Love! Usagi's New Transformation

Crystal Clear Again




A Beautiful Boy? The Secret of Haruka Tenou

Driving Dangerously




Usagi's Idol! The Graceful Genius Michiru

Bad Harmony




Protect the Pure Heart! A Three-Way Battle

Swept of Her Feet




Leave it up to the Moon to Aid in Love

Blinded By Love's Light




Cruel Uranus? Makoto's Pinch

Lita Borrows Trouble




Labyrinth of Water! Ami's the Target

Damp Spirits




Save your Friends! Moon and Uranus Allied

Friendly Foes




The Kindness of a Man! Yuichiro, Heartbroken by Rei?

Mixed Emotions




Retire From the Sailor Senshi? Minako's Concerns

Individual Happiness




Usagi's Tears! For My Birthday, a Pair of Glass Slippers

Birthday Blues (Part 1)




The Stolen Pure Heart, Usagi is in Trouble

Birthday Blues (Part 2)




The Arrival of the Tiny Pretty Senshi

Hello, Sailor Mini Moon




Looking for Friends! Busy Chibi Moon

Tainted Tea Party




I Need Power! Makoto's Lost Way

People Who Need People




Bonds of Destiny! The Far-Reaching Day of Uranus

Related By Destiny




Art is an Explosion of Love! Chibiusa's First Love

Art Appreciation




Usagi's Dance, In Time to a Waltz

Everything's Coming Up Rosey




Shocking Moment! Mutual Identities Revealed

No Turning Back



ウラヌス達の死 タリスマン出現

Uranus and Neptune's Death? The Talismans Appear

Destiny's Arrival




The Holy Grail's Mysterious Power! Double Moon Transformation

The Purity Chalice




Who is the True Messiah? Chaos of Light and Darkness

Show Stoppers




A House Full of Evil Presence! The Secret of the Beautiful Girl, Hotaru

Rini's Risky Friendship




Crazy for Celebrities! Mimete in Doubt

Mimet's Mess




Shadow of Silence!? The Pale Glimmer of a Firefly

The Shadow Of Silence




Sunny Skies After A Storm! A Friendship Devoted to Hotaru

Thorny Weather




Higher, Stronger! Cheers by Usagi

Heightened Hazard




The Battle in a Demonic Dimension! The Sailor Soldier's Bet

It's In The Cards




Awakening of the Messiah of Silence? Stars of Destiny

Goodness Eclipsed




Invasion from an Alternate Dimension! The Mystery of Infinity Academy

Next In Line




Heart Stealing Flowers! The Third Witch Teruru

Friendly Ferns




Believe in Love! Kind Soldier Ami

The Science Of Love




Shadow of Destruction! Messiah of Silence Awakens

Wake Up Call




Approaching Horror! Eight Soldiers in a Pinch

Who's Really Who?




Shiny Shooting Stars! Saturn and Messiah

Darkness, My Old Friend




Bundle of New Life! The Destiny of Stars, The Time of Farewell

Second Chance  




A Growing Soldier! A Pure Heart is the Base for Growing Strong

Tough Kindness

Sailor Moon SuperS


Sailor Moon Super S logo

Note that for better table arrangement "Episode Number (Japanese)" and "Episode Number (English)" have been reduced to "J#" and "E#"
Note: The original episode numbers for Sailor Moon Supers are the same.
J# E# Japanese Title Romaji transcription English Title
128 121 運命の出会い!ペガサスの舞う夜 An Unexpected Encounter! The Night Pegasus Performs His Steps Dreams Take Flight
129 122 スーパー変身再び!ペガサスの力 Super Transformations Again! Pegasus' Power No Ordinary Horsepower
130 123 守れ母の夢!Wムーンの新必殺技 Protect Mom's Dream! Use the New Deadly Weapons of Double-Moon Sweet Dreams
131 124 ペガサスを捕えろ!アマゾンの罠 Catch Pegasus! The Amazon's trap Baiting The Trap
132 125 お似合いの二人!うさぎと衛の愛 A Couple Made for Each Other! Usagi and Mamoru's Love Perfect Couple
133 126 アルテミスの浮気?謎の子猫登場 Artemis' Love Scandal? A Mysterious Kitten Appears Much Ado About Kitten
134 127 まことの友情!天馬に憧れた少女 Makoto's Friendship! A Girl Attracted by Pegasus A Pegasus Page Turner
135 128 触れ合う心!ちびうさとペガサス Hearts in Synch! Chibi-Usa and Pegasus A Teacher's Lesson
136 129 衛を守れ!忍者うさぎのヤキモチ Protect Mamoru! Ninja Usagi's Jealousy The Trouble With Love
137 130 あやかしの森!美しき妖精の誘い Mysterious Forest! An Invitation from a Beautiful Fairy Phony Fairy
138 131 天国まで走れ!夢の車にかける愛 Run Up to Heaven! Love for the Dream Car Driven Dreamer
139 132 目指せ日本一!美少女剣士の悩み Be the Strongest in the Country! A Pretty Young Warrior's Problem Cutting It Close
140 133 ミニが大好き!おしゃれな戦士達 We Love Mini-skirts! Perfect Fit Soldiers Clothes Call
141 134 恋の嵐!美奈子のフタマタ大作戦 We Stormy Love! Minako's Big Two-Timing Project Double Trouble
142 135 秘密の館!愛のメニューを貴方に A Secret House! A Menu Full of Love for You Recipe For Danger
143 136 天馬を信じる時!4戦士の超変身 The Moment They Trust Pegasus! Super Transformation of the 4 Soldiers Kickin' Into High Gear
144 137 きらめく夏の日!潮風の少女亜美 Sparkling Summer Days! Ami, the Girl with the Sea Breeze Beach Blanket Bungle
145 138 プリマをねらえ!うさぎのバレエ Aim for Prima Ballerina! Usagi in the Ballet Tutu Treachery
146 139 十番街の休日!無邪気な王女様 Holiday at Tenth Street! An Innocent Princess The Duchess's Day Off
147 140 運命のパートナー?まことの純情 A Partner in Destiny? Makoto's Pure Heart No Prince Charming
148 141 巨悪の影!追いつめられたトリオ Shadow of Evil! Cornered Trio A True Reflection
149 142 夢の鏡!アマゾン最後のステージ Mirror of Dreams! Final Stage of the Amazon Trio Eternal Dreams
150 143 アマゾネス!鏡の裏から来た悪夢 The Amazonesses! A Nightmare from Beyond the Mirror A New Nightmare
151 144 真のパワー爆発!亜美心のしらべ True Power Explodes! Ami's Melody of the Heart Heartfelt Melody
152 145 炎の情熱!マーズ怒りの超必殺技 Burning Passion! Mars' Furious Super Deadly Attack Dreams Of Her Own
153 146 恐怖の歯医者さん?パラパラの館 Dentist of Terror? Palla-palla's House Dental Dilemma
154 147 夢対決!美奈子とまこと絶交宣言 Confrontation Between Dreams! Breakup Announcement by Minako and Makoto Nightmare Garden
155 148 恐怖を越えて!自由へのジャンプ Over the Fear! Jump to Freedom Vaulting To Victory
156 149 夢を見失わないで!真実を映す鏡 Don't Lose Your Dream! A Mirror Reflects the Truth Reflections Of Reality
157 150 ペガサスが消えた!?ゆれ動く友情 Pegasus Has Disappeared!? Swinging Friendships Dream Believer
158 151 天馬の秘密!夢世界を守る美少年 Pegasus' Secret! The Beautiful Boy Protecting the World of Dreams Pegasus Revealed
159 152 ちびうさの小さな恋のラプソディ Chibi-Usa's Little Rhapsody of Love Rini's Lovely Rhapsody
160 153 大人になる夢!アマゾネスの当惑 Dream to Become an Adult! Bewilderment of the Amazoness Tomorrow's Big Dreams
161 154 動き出した恐怖!闇の女王の魔手 Coming Terror! The Evil Approach by the Queen of Darkness Day Of Night
162 155 闇の震源地デッドムーンサーカス Center of Darkness! The Dead Moon Circus Show Time Showdown
163 156 鏡の迷宮!捕えられたちびムーン The Mirror Labyrinth! Captured Chibi Moon The Dark Legend
164 157 黄金水晶出現!ネヘレニアの魔力 The Golden Crystal Comes Out! Nehelenia's Spell One In The Hand
165 158 クリスタル輝く時!美しき夢の力 When the Crystal Shines! The Power of Beautiful Dreams Golden Revival
166 159 夢よいつまでも!光、天に満ちて Forever Dreams! Light Throughout the Sky The Sweetest Dream

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars


Sailor Stars logo

Note: Due to various circumstances involving the changes made to the Mangas story in regards to this season's characters and also the second deaths of the Sailor Senshi towards the end of the series it is widely believed that this season will never be dubbed into English.
J# Japanese Title Romaji transcription
167 悪夢花を散らす時!闇の女王復活 Time for the Nightmare to be Scattered! The Queen of Darkness Revives
168 サターンの目覚め!S10戦士集結 Saturn Awakens! The 10 Sailor Senshi Gather
169 呪いの魔鏡!悪夢にとらわれた衛 Cursed Mirror! Mamoru Caught in a Nightmare
170 運命の一夜!セーラー戦士の苦難 Destiny Disrupted! Sailor Senshi in Trouble
171 愛ゆえに!果てしなき魔界の戦い For the Sake of Love! Endless War in the Evil World
172 愛のムーンパワー!悪夢の終わる時 Moon Love Power! The End of the Nightmare
173 別れと出会い!運命の星々の流転 A Farewell and an Encounter! The Destiny of Shooting Stars
174 学園に吹く嵐!転校生はアイドル A Storm at School! Transfer Students are Idols
175 アイドルをめざせ!美奈子の野望 Become an Idol! Minako's Ambitions
176 ファイターの正体!衝撃の超変身 The Fighter's Identity! The Shocking Super Transformation
177 星に託す夢とロマン!大気の変身 The Dreams and Romance Entrusted to the Stars! Taiki's Transformation
178 ルナは見た!?アイドル夜天の素顔 Luna Saw It!? Idol Yaten's Real Face
179 敵?味方?スターライツとS戦士 The Enemy? An Ally? The Star Lights and the Sailor Senshi
180 呼び合う星の輝き!はるか達参戦 The Glitter of the Stars that Call Each Other! Haruka-tachi Joins in the Battle
181 セイヤとうさぎのドキドキデート Seiya and Usagi's Heart-Pounding Date
182 宇宙からの侵略!セイレーン飛来

The Invasion from Space! Siren Comes Flying in

183 死霊の叫び!?恐怖キャンプの怪人 The Scream of a Ghost? The Frightening Camp Monster
184 ふたりきりの夜!うさぎのピンチ Night Between Two! Usagi in a Pinch
185 大気絶唱!信じる心を歌にこめて Taiki Sings with Excellence! A Song Carries a Believing Heart's Best Wishes
186 ちびちびの謎!おさわがせ大追跡 The Mystery Behind Chibi-Chibi!? The Troublesome Pursuit
187 輝く星のパワー!ちびちびの変身 The Power of the Glittering Stars! Chibi-Chibi's Transformation
188 恐怖への招待!うさぎの夜間飛行 An Invitation to Horror! Usagi's Night Time Flight
189 使命と友情の間!S戦士達の対立 In Between the Mission and the Friendship. The Sailor Senshi's Confrontation
190 明かされた真実!セイヤ達の過去 The Truth Revealed, Seiya's Past
191 光の蝶が舞う時!新しい波の予感 When the Butterfly of Light Dances! The Premonition of a New Wave
192 夢一直線!アイドル美奈子の誕生 Straight to Your Dream! Idol Minako is Born
193 うばわれた銀水晶!火球皇女出現 The Silver Crystal is Stolen! Kakyuu Princess Appears
194 銀河の聖戦 セーラーウォーズ伝説 The Holy Battle in the Galaxy! The Legend of the Sailor Wars
195 火球皇女消滅!ギャラクシア降臨 Kakyuu Princess is Destroyed! Galaxia Descends
196 銀河滅びる時!S戦士最後の戦い Countdown to the Destruction of the Galaxy! Sailor Senshi's Final Battle
197 銀河の支配者ギャラクシアの脅威 The Ruler of the Galaxy Galaxia's Threat
198 消えゆく星々!ウラヌス達の最期 Disappearing Stars! The End of Uranus and Neptune
199 希望の光!銀河をかけた最終決戦 The Light of Hope! The Final Battle for the Galaxy
200 うさぎの愛!月光銀河を照らす Usagi's Love! The Moonlight Lights up the Galaxy